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Thanks for visiting this page, which has been set up by an integrative health professional – in the words of one of my patients/friends – a ‘comprehensive’ health service.

Please know all the advice on this blog has come at great personal and professional cost, over a 3 decade career, integrating a wide range of therapies and practice forms, including an earlier career in nursing and later on in medical research. It does provide links to the best places to access products that you may need, assessments and referrals – and more free tips than you could imagine.


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Changes to this site – including recommendations

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Many changes are afoot for this page. A full name change is necessary since the recent interest in not just the name Chrysalis Health but Chrysalis Integrated/Integrative, Chrysalis Homoeopathics, Chrysalis Naturals and so on. For a word that was nowhere to be found when I began, it is now one of the most used/misused words in natural health care. Some I am fine with as they are truly noble groups but seeing others not only use my name but imagery, even my work, I need to distance myself. So if you notice the URL/domain changes, don’t panic.

Secondly, after a very disappointing turn of events, I am no longer involved with either Neways or Sisel. I have found a great company that not only provides comparable, better priced and ethical alternatives but all vegan, and am in the process of adding all the recommendations to his blog – along with a PDF with all necessary links.


Thanks for your patience!













How To Follow The Chrysalis Protocol for Chronic Fatigue

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The Chrysalis blog was set up to direct people, no matter where you are in the world, to finding answers for free to your health. Due to sheer numbers of CFS/ME/lyme/Fibro patients asking for help I set up this page. I then found that my facebook pages were taking hours to write every single day, but the information was becoming lost due to the increasing number of posts and for someone with CFS/lyme/fibro it was just too difficult to navigate. Some had a great suport network to help print off posts and make up a treatment file but it still wasn’t ideal.

So, Icopied all existing articles and new ones, to my blog, and now direct visitors to the it in order to allow visitors to find answers more easily. I appreciate it is still not ‘easy’ – especially when concentration, ordering, food prep etc is a vital part of your recovery. However, compared to many other ‘CFS experts’ and their sites (especially the high fee-attracting ones) it is much easier. I found these sites difficult to navigate and very secretive, and in my view, holding the sufferer to ransom while thinking they had no hope elsewhere.

More than once I was told that some of these experts, and many of the patients who promoted them, had not yet dealt with a single truly successful case, nor had the patients even got close to a cure. This is alarming as I find it incredulous that anyone would claim their protocol could work, if they were yet to see a single cure! Yet these are the services that seem to be attracting the paying customers – all about $$$ while baffling with science…

And sadly, this is the direction medicine has gone. My first cases of CFS were seen in my nursing days – the standard treatment back then was shock treatment, anti depressants and hysterectomies for the ladies. I wont repeat what I heard doctors joking about behind the patients’ backs. It hasn’t changed much. Just 8 years ago, when my daughter became unwell, we went to 20 different doctors/clinics/hospitals before we realised that yes, I would have to do it alone even if it was technically illegal.

‘Treatment’ in this instance involved anti depressants, addictive analgesics and admission into the mental health system which we refused. My daughter wasn’t depressed, and she was sick of being unwell! Fun was made of our vegetarian diet, and we were told a number of times that as I do not vaccinate my children, this is what caused it. One doctor actually Googled CFS/ME in front of us, as he had never treated it. He sent her home in a wheelchair with the words “Prepare for the worst. If she stops breathing again tonight, please bring her back. But she may not last the night.” So we had a teen who may or may not last the night – but as they had not dealt with it, go home. It was a long night – especially as earlier that day, we had stood in the local welfare office trying to at least recoup some of the money we’d lost (I could no longer work but did not qualify for a carer’s allowance and she had not been able to work for 9 months) – she collapsed on the floor and lay there crying and shaking. People – many who looked like actual drug addicts openly laughed at her and a few less than decent comments were made to her. I stood there crying and that was when I vowed to share what I found, once I found it!

Anyway, as there are a number of articles on my blog with the protocol and other associated aspects related, and apologies to those who still find it difficult, hopefully the list below will help make it more clear. How long does it take you to recover after each visit to a doctor or other practitioner? My daughter usually took an average of 3 days, during which time she didn’t eat, couldn’t have the light on, and shook with pain. I want to help you avoid this. One thing that may help is knowing how much it takes to even make and keep an appointment and the days of recovery following, you are able to avoid that stress, while ordering what you need from the comfort of your own home. Hopefully your support network can do the groceries and other needs. It would be nice to have a dedicated service in each city but I guess that will only come with more awareness and honesty in treatment rather than people like Dr Oz et al promising false hope and untruths…

The great thing to know is that I have had many patients I have never met, across the world, who don’t even have a good support network or limitless cash – who have been able to return to health, after previously using their life savings and many years in the system without any success. Almost every day I am contacted by someone else thanking me for the protocol.

Stage one – understanding invisible disease. It is no one issue, no magic pill is going to ‘fix’ it. It is a toxic attack that has taken some time and trauma to develop, affecting your nervous system and vital organs – and in turn, every aspect of your health. Usually misdiagnosed for years, much time has passed, allowing symptoms to develop unnecessarily.

Stage two – starting on the correct detox, diet and lifestyle is as vital as is the correct supplementation. There are many, many simple tips, such as the common herb ginger to help with abdominal inflammation and pain, as well as hormone imbalance. You need your support network to also identify with your illness, as most people fail to understand completely unless they know how it feels, or what it is.

Stage three – detoxing is important, as is rest and the correct treatment. There are so many diets out there, including for invisible disease that it makes your head spin. And it makes you sick eventually, if not immediately. Invisible disease is about inflammation. Think about it – acid causes swelling and inflammation and is linked to ALL pain and illness. So what causes illness? Primarily what we put into our bodies but also what we put onto our bodies, our thought processes and stress. So how to you take your body from an acidic mess fully of inflammation and pain, to an alkaline, calm, pain free HEALTHY, living individual. There is no alkaline pill, no magic vaccine that is going to change things. If you live acid, you live with inflammation. Most newcomers argue with this, yet eventually they get it. So how do you trust what is the correct diet, and how do you learn how to pull it all into one cohesive program? The following is just that – a combination of years of study and various trials and articles and books – and tests. Most importantly, thousands of cases were involved.


Stage four – the correct medicines – while I agree with analgesia if it means relief and sleep, I do not see it as an effective treatment ideal – many are addictive and come with a host of side effects, even death. But in the short term or occasionally, yes, please take them. After trialing thousands of dollars’ worth of what I would term excellent supplements (including practitioner only and some of the most expensive and well researched options) I began reading up on certain biochemical research. I eventually found a trio termed Triangle of Life – at first skeptical, I have been blown away with every single case once we managed to apply it. Compared to what I have paid and many cases (often over 100 thousand dollars with no cure) this is a bargain. One of the trio, at $60 per month, has a competitor at $800 per month. And is arguably better. These are, in all honesty, what could be termed the best anti aging products on the market – how ironic, when you ask a CFS sufferer how they feel, the first word is usually ‘old and dying’ – so what better way to reverse that?

One of the trio is based on resveratrol (anti aging) and quercetin, a little known (but my favourite) anti allergy treatment – and if you consider the high incidence of allergies in CFS type symptom sets, you understand. The other is also a liquid tonic with 72 key, synergistic nutrients and superfoods. I have compared many similar very good tonics but this one is by far the most supreme and effective. The benefits – you would not have enough room if you listed them on a page, even if you split the page into 3 columns. But we are focusing on the inflammatory symptoms right now – and energy of course! The final one, possibly the most important and the one that patients come back to me about time and again, is a concentrated form of fucoidan – this one is also without peer. It has thousands of studies in existence and is classed as the number one anti inflammatory in the world – and I agree. Together, this trio is truly the Triangle of Life. More here –


Stage five – this wraps up all the adjuvant tips and ideas that have many benefits and even increase the effectiveness of the steps above. With diet, I am yet to see a single sufferer who is not gluten intolerant – check out the symptoms of GI –


Hormone imbalance is a major factor in invisible disease – including lupus, ALS, MS, MD and much more. And it is one of the most mismanaged health sectors. Just a little here with a few tips on how to ensure your hormones are at their optimum level – you will be shocked –


What about the ongoing arguments that natural therapies don’t work? This has been an ongoing very clever spin exercise, with little truth, other than fear and money – why do so many accept a death sentence without even trying”


What about pain relief? Why are so many sufferers now registered drug addicts? Why are so many now needing the assistance of drug detox and pain clinics? And why is the suicide rate so high in sufferers? –


What about scams? How do you know the protocol is safe or effective?


Feel free to print off this information and share with anyone you know who may need it.

Remember to ‘follow’ this blog to avoid missing out on any updates or articles. If you are seeking a confidential health assessment, please follow this link – http://chrysalisintegratedhealth.org/2014/11/11/your-online-assessment/

©  copyright Lulu Kenzig 2014

This could be your testimony

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The following is an unsolicited testimony – or rather a combination of a number of testimonies written by the same patient, as she began and moved through my protocol.

“I have suffered the severe autoimmune disease labeled by different doctors as CFS, lyme, ME and a string of others. When I first became unwell I also became homeless. I had no support network.

Not only do you feel are you dying, you are left alone to face the neglect and isolation from the world of western medicine, (in which we are programmed from an early age) TO BELIEVE they are the ONLY FORM of medicine with the answers! How wrong, damaging, and invalid this programing is. We are left to fight our way on to Dissability Support pension. I was lying on the floor off a Centrelink office when an ambulance was called to take me to hospital, and yet it still took a further 2 years for me to be classified as having a “disability.” The world in general is completely IGNORANT OF HOW SICK SUFFERERS OF CFS truly are.

Tears roll down my face as I write this, the memories rise like hail clouds about to pound my face with nowhere to run.

This was my life for many years four years with a violent illness, 3 years in recovery. Months of this chronic state went by until I started googling chronic fatigue syndrome.There I learnt about raw organic food diets, herbals, therapies, supplements, and their effects. All of this information about naturopathy, orthomolecular medicine, and other alternative medicines was there for me. But I had never heard of this before – why not? Why was none of this medicine knowledge ever on the television news, radio or in newspapers?

It has been credited by sufferers with thousands of cures…Why have their stories not been told and so many more victums never heard of it? Why was I told lies about alternative medicine by doctors I consulted? Lies can be equally as effective by omission as well as commission. Was it uninformed ignorance as to the efficacy of alternative treatments or arrogance in the belief that there could never be a different way of treatment that was not dependant on drug therapy? Why was I held back from these truths? Why had I never known about naturopaths, homeopaths, herbal medicine…the effects of food and other noxious chemicals on the body and mind…why had these truths been kept from me?

Why is it that the foods and other substances that are promoted as being “healthy” are in reality fat laden, over salted, over sweetened, sprayed with carcinogenic chemicals, and loaded with additives, preservatives, and packaged. What are we eating? POISON! Hamburgers and other fast foods plus all the tinned and otherwise treated products offered for consumption, are in many cases devoid of nutrients but have instead been substituted by chemicals, example; flavor enhances, preservatives, additives etc.

I needed to a SEE NATURAL MEDICINE PRACTITIONER, and this is when RESULTS started to flow in. I tried everything at great cost but I knew that it was no one’s fault but those who control our medical system. I could take the ‘care’ that was orthodox, on medicare and continue to die. Or I could spend what money I had to pay for un-subsidised natural treatments to live again.

NO ONE ELSE COULD EVEN BEGIN TO HELP ME EXCEPT THE CHRYSALIS PROTOCOL. I WOULD HATE TO THINK HOW MUCH MONEY HAS BEEN WASTED………….(Please dont go to another planet Lulu, cause all cfs people would die……thats 20million of us, wiped off the planet, u have our answers.)

People I saw that failed me miserably – I saw BIOCHEMISTS, no help. I saw so many health professionals, no help. I went to into hyper baric oxygen chamber therapy – waste of money.

In regards to cfs I saw two nutritionists – waste of money as they say to eat animal products which are killing you. I saw two **** NATUROPATHS, told me to eat animal products. The reason they failed is because they have no experience in disease.

I saw 25 western med trained DOCTORS, THE ******* WASTE OF TIME MEDICAL PROFESSION ON THE PLANET…..dangerous, full of lies, and brutaly destroys ur immune system, also funny that western medicine vaccines and gmo foods are all linked – seems to me they want DISEASE…not wellness.

I found Lulu’s protocol and within a year she totally changed me. I do homeopathy, I speak to Lulu online, I use the Sisel supplements recommended (after taking thousands of dollars’ worth of supplements wrongly), I did see an accupuncturist every fortnight, and an orthomolecular doctor for intravenous IV of vitamin C, and I use the pH Miracle as my diet. If I come off one thing I go down fast. They are all pieces of the puzzle that is my case.

This seems to be the cure-all – doing EVERYTHING you can do get well. There is no magic pill or vaccine!

I will never trust anyone else except Chrysalis, my homeopath that has changed my life – and my doctor whose name I can’t mention as she is scared of AMA repercussions – as western medicine is so corrupt they do not want people well and shut down any doc who practices alternative therapies. THAT is how little our medical groups want us well.


Love to you all and if u wanna get better like I am, LISTEN and change what you are doing.”

Reading this over again always blesses me – but also saddens me as people who need this advice the most simply choose to not listen. Most would rather sit back and wait for some miracle to drop in their lap. Others, who have seen other practitioners and failed to heal, see no hope in anything else. This includes people who have followed a paleo diet, nutritionist-penned diets, IV therapies, and much more. Yet if your doctor fails you, don’t you just go back and seek something else?

So, what is the protocol? It’s a combination of detoxing, lifestyle (which can include actively moving away from chemical-laden areas, mould, etc), alkaline diet, the RIGHT supplements (my chosen combination is titled the Triangle of Life – more on my blog) adjuvant therapies to detox and for wellbeing.

The protocol is available for free in its full form here – no short cuts as no one or two steps will do the trick. It is a total effort. If this patient above was able to turn her life around, so can you.

http://chrysalisintegratedhealth.org/category/lyme-cfs-me-fibro/ – print it off and share with your support network. PS there is no ‘alternative’ to what is suggested on this protocol. You may find other options but you most likely will find, like all the others who have tried, that if you take the advice half heartedly and then seek to take short cuts, your healing pathway will not be as successful.

And here is the link to order the supplements you will need – https://chrysalis.mysisel.com/en/AU/productscategory.htm?categoryId=499












Vaccination Truth

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As a former nurse, researcher, writer and natural health practitioner, my dealings with vaccination went far deeper than most medical experts could claim – personally and professionally. This post was triggered by an episode of my favourite TV series – Bramwell…

If you get to read the original history of vaccination, it soon becomes more evident that it was a political stunt and little to do with results. The UK show Bramwell – episode 3.9 – dealt with this very thing.

It was validating but also frustrating that this has been known for so long – yet even our most ‘learned’ experts are too dense (or well paid) to understand or work out for themselves.

This is well worth the watch - as in really worth it. If you link it to the heartbreaking Raggedy-Ann story in the same era, it’s a stark in-yo-face dose of reality!

Most of all, Bramwell is possibly the BIGGEST anti-establishment, non-conformist show ever – fought racism, sexism, paedophilia, slavery, child slavery, workplace conditions, poverty – and spat in the face of governments and gentry of the time. Exactly what someone like me needs in her corner.

This particular episode showed right from the start, most intellects were staunchly opposed to immunisation – or innoculation, as it began its life. Money and politics won the day, not improved health – sanitation was the number one factor in out health change – and improved diet – but don’t let those little unimportant factors sway a trillion dollar industry…


So, what is the story behind Raggedy-Ann I hear you say… As with modern day disease such as ebola and HIV – with more opposition from the experience, research and educated corner than support, it’s still money and politics winning the day. Life – the very thing they are meant to be defending in accordance with the Hippocratic oath, is expendable. A eugenic society – far from a conspiracy theory, is alive, well and very successful. Your child’s life means little to that noble lab-coated science boffin – and even less to the fat-cat pharma reps. Doctors, nurses and untrained reps make brilliant puppets.


So by now you are asking – ‘where is the hard core scientific proof?’ Believe it or not – there is possibly more scientific proof in existence than that which supposedly proves otherwise. There are more legal experts with cold hard knowledge of what goes on out of the media glare. The only difference? One has money – the other goes begging. YOU are the only one who has a say over your body – not that hard-nose behind the desk denying dangers despite even vaccine package inserts clearly stating them.


Your doctor’s honesty – http://vactruth.com/…/document-shows-merck-paid-doctors/

Just how easy is it for medicine to abandon vaccine injury? http://vaccinationcouncil.org/

HPV dangers ignored – http://healthimpactnews.com/…/japan-international…/

Hep B dangers – http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22235045

Auto-immune/inflammatory illness – http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/24238833


Auto-immune causes – http://naturalsociety.com/publicized-study-vaccination-schedule-bombshell/

Aluminium toxicity via vaccines –  http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20882368

More on aluminium toxicity – http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22235057

Nervous system damage by MMR – http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/12145534

Damage to your child’s brain and nervous system – http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/…
More on your child’s ‘unexplained’ symptoms – http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/…
When your doctor says your child cannot get whooping cough from the vaccine – http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2880100/

Independent studies – http://www.plosone.org/article/info%3Adoi%2F10.1371%2Fjournal.pone.0008382

Whooping cough – http://www.pnas.org/content/111/2/787.abstract

Destroyed immunity – http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/16126512

Legal and research informative book – http://www.amazon.com/…/ref=as_sl_pc_qf_sp_asin_til…

Real safety of vaccinations – http://mothernatureandyou.wordpress.com/…/no-vaccine-is-sa…/


Foetal tissue in vaccines – http://www.collective-evolution.com/2014/09/05/human-fetal-dna-fragments-in-vaccines-are-a-possible-cause-for-autism-according-to-this-stanford-scientist/

Admissions by experts – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=13QiSV_lrDQ

So, once your eyes are opened, how do you argue against the onslaught? After all, everyone is an expert – even when they’re not! http://preventdisease.com/…/102809_9_arguments_to_win…

Vaccines for no reason? http://www.robertscottbell.com/government/vaccine-for-a-disease-that-doesnt-exist-by-jon-rappoport/#more-23843

Killing our heroes – http://www.cbsnews.com/news/military-mute-on-vaccine-danger/

Febrile seizures (? epilepsy trigger?) – http://sciencenordic.com/breakthrough-why-mmr-vaccine-can-give-children-febrile-seizures

How to stand for your rights – http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2014/11/13/vaccination-health-freedom.aspx

Your rights – or lack of – http://medicalkidnap.com/2014/11/09/phoenix-childrens-hospital-seizes-8-year-old-boy-because-mother-seeks-second-opinion/#sthash.nHAn8wcT.dpuf

Hoaxes, ebola and enterovirus – http://healthimpactnews.com/2014/as-enterovirus-d-68-deaths-increase-are-vaccine-contaminants-to-blame/#sthash.f7mbXid8.dpuf

The absolute con of modern medicine – http://www.huffingtonpost.com/dr-larry-dossey/the-mythology-of-science_b_412475.html


I would need an entire blog to list all the studies and stories. Please use this to begin your search and log the proof of what will hopefully become your stand and your child’s life.

If you know someone who is already vaccine injured, please see my other posts – especially on vaccine case studies, chronic illness and CFS.

Further research is readily available – via the links (some will need to be copied and pasted) – make sure you save them and keep searching –




(please consider homoeopathic immunisation).

Feel free to share your vaccine injury stories below.

Sources –

National Vaccine Information Center -www.NVIC.ORG and https://www.facebook.com/national.vaccine.information.center?fref=ts

VASA – Vaccine Awareness South Africa –  https://www.facebook.com/groups/vaccineawarenessvasa/?fref=ts














Making the change – how do you even begin?

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The average household has over 3000 toxic chemicals in a nasty, ever-changing cocktail; thanks to the unregulated industries responsible for –

Cleaning products

Laundry products

Dishwashing products

Bathroom cleaners

Carpet vapours

Furniture vapours

Paint and varnish vapours




Dental Care

Hair Care

Baby and children’s personal care

Personal care/hygiene products

Nail products







1940 – 1 billion pounds of chemicals manufactured worldwide per annum

1988 – 600 billion  pounds of chemicals  “              “         “

- 50% increase in cancer between 1950 – 77

- 1/3 population had cancer of some form by 2010


More than 16 minerals missing in Australian soil.

In order to grow culture from soil, minerals needed to be added.

85% USA soil is depleted of all minerals.

55% AUST soil is depleted of all minerals.

CSIRO soil testing decades ago showed deficiency of 16 trace elements which are essential for health of plants and in turn, the animals that eat them.

Nitrate contamination over time leads to formation of nitrosomes – cancer causing.

Osteoporosis can be caused by topical applications such as Voltaren, which leeches calcium & lessens bone density.

Aspartame (Nutrasweet) leeches calcium & triggers diabetes and MS symptoms

Acne – caused by hormonal  imbalance, food & shampoo aggravation.

After 5 + years on HRT or pill – 50% develop Lupus

Perfumes and cleaning products have ingredients used in nerve gas

Continuing on as we are, not even taking into account the external environmental pollutants, we are playing Russian Roulette.

Please inbox me or go to https://chrysalis.mysisel.com/en/AU/home.htm for more info. I encourage everyone to become a member of this company in order to access wholesale healthy home products.

You may sign automatically online but I’d like to request that you contact me prior to doing so as there are many people like you who I would like to help financially by signing new members under – once you are signed with us, you will then qualify for this same service.


Cellulite – vanity or dangerous health issue warning?

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Cellulite – is it a vanity thing or a health issue?

It may be news to some that my natural therapy training took me to PhD studies quite a few years back now. Hardly surprising – considing I had to finish about 10 years of studies just to be considered even remotely close to a GP. Not that having ‘Doctor’ in front of my name would make me any more smart or worthy, but it’s the way society sees us – and sadly, some will only trust a naturopath if we have those two little letters in front of our name (or in my case, the 3 letters after my name).

So, what was the subject of my thesis? CELLULITE…

My research led me to the conclusion that cellulite, like ALL health issues, is not a stand-alone issue. In fact, even though it is predominantly a female issue, men can and do suffer from it and yes, it is attached to a L-O-N-G chain of chronic and even terminal health issues and afflictions. It’s a sad thing that so many women I see have been told it’s just part of being a woman…

That’s not to say you rush off and panic about some hidden sickness. Basically, my research led me to realise that the lymphatic system is possibly the most overlooked and undervalued system of the body. Think about it – like a sewer, the lymphatic system is invisible. It is responsible for taking the waste away that your blood cannot flush into the intestines for excretion. Over time, the lines become gluggy and built up. Yes, we all know about swollen glands, but what about totally bunged up lymphatic pathways? We should all be able to gently rub our skin with our fingertips without tiny nodules being palpable. Yet today, almost 100% of the patients I see, if I delicately run my fingers over their skin, all display rugged little bumps and irregularities. Run your finger over a child’s skin and even if they are chubby, they will have incredibly smooth skin. Yet within 20 years it feels like a microscopic off-road track.

It came as no surprise that almost 100% of case subjects had symptoms of chronic illness and obesity, even though very thin, young and seemingly healthy girls could also have the dimply demons. Cellulite, as ugly as it is, is still ignored by the health profession – very frustrating from an iridology angle – a blocked lymphatic system is VERY visible… And considering it’s linked to lymphatic cancer, lymphadenitis, and even elephantiasis, I really can’t believe that it’s one of the many diseases that are addressed AFTER the fact – considering it’s so easy to address early on.

As one GP said to me, “If you presented with such a bad blockage of the lymphatics that you needed a wheelchair, we have very good services in place that could help with mobility.” So, for the thousands out there who simply seize up thanks to mismanagement, we would have to just accept an invalid life?

I developed a two pronged program – internal drops and external body brushing and lotion which could loosen up what had become untouchable internally, by either the lymphatic or circulatory vessels. No, cellulite will do no more to your health than cause embarrassment, but it is very closely associated with true sickness – not quite causing it, but just may possibly be seen as a side effect of a wide range of sickness.

For example, why is it linked only to around 40% of obesity patients? Why is it so common in diabetes, but only in the abdomen? Why do those with leg cellulite display more heart disease symptoms than anyone else? Why is it most common in depression cases? Of course, these are all serious issues that need addressing and simply removing cellulite wont get rid of the other symptoms. But for now, let’s look at removing the ugly side of these health issues.

So, what do you do about it? Around the time I did my thesis, a French company released an unnamed miracle treatment for cellulite that, thanks to overpricing, left my patients rushing to my clinic in droves to buy the treatment I had formulated for less than half the price. Long story short, lots of success, lots of incredible results (including knock-on effects on other associated symptoms) and hand written thanks (yes, in the days before PCs and facebook) – but without financial support and a ton of attack thanks to the TGA and Australian medical board, I was forced to stop selling it. In short, and in the TGA’s own words, ‘If your product does not have the capacity to cause harm, we cannot approve or register it.’

There are treatments – it takes an alkaline diet and a safe transdermal cream to break down the blockages. Treat the entire body.


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