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I have been ‘working’ on a book based on Biblical principles since I first opened my very first page of my very first natural healing course – (with the words ‘Without God there is no healing’ inside the very first page) – beginning in my head, then jotting down notes and case studies and eventually, experience. It’s a huge task – political as it is difficult.

There is just so much to this. So many opinions, facts, misinformation and aspects. So many years, so much spin, invention and development – often in the wrong direction. This post will not include every single aspect of this – I will leave it for the book. But hopefully you will see that your health is as important as any other aspect of a faith-filled life.

  • GENESIS – yes, let’s start at the beginning. There was no meat. There was no fast food. In fact all food came from the ground or plants. Only after the Fall did man begin eating non plant ‘food’. With the Flood and destruction of the world as it was known, one of the biggest sins involved meat sacrifice. Murder – including that of animals. On this topic, we were told to not commit murder – but visit any abattoir and that is exactly what you will see – and what your money is buying – and what your body is eating. Pain, blood, suffering. But this is not a vegan rant – just fact. There are arguments against this – but they are all based on taking offence. Ego. Greed even. And addiction.

The following offer a brilliant perspective and start on how to consider and begin a more Christ-like lifestyle.



MEDICATIONS – from the first book, we were instructed on the use of God-given food, water and even soil for our health. You believe we came from clay yet wouldn’t consider using it on your skin or drinking it to detox? How crazy is that? You believe you are a pure, Holy vessel yet you cover your body in chemicals, take chemicals to ‘stay alive’ and self abuse on a daily basis? Yet you most likely wouldn’t dream of using natural products – perhaps you even see them as being evil or demonic. Wow – way to slap God for His abundant gifts.

Do you think it’s okay to pray for healing and do nothing yourself to heal? Do you sit stuffing that cake into your mouth while bemoaning your blood pressure or cancer? It’s not genetics or chance that we get overweight. It’s what happens to our born-perfect bodies over time, with the wrong habits and lifestyle. It’s no secret that many Pastors are overweight, even dying needlessly. What a shame. I have personally heard Pastors preach about the worst food imaginable, how much the love it, how they couldn’t live without it. I have also heard Pastors preach against using natural therapies and a healthy diet – including to a congregation with cancer sufferers, who later died, too scared to do wrong by the words of someone who was led by ignorance rather than spirit or even knowledge. I’ve even known Pastors to preach to people about the ‘church’s doctor’ – and taking your medication. More on where orthodox medicine fits in later but please think about that. I’ve known of group book burning sessions because a Pastor told born again Christians that the herbal or homœopathic or essential oil – all based on His creations for our health and LIFE – were all evil and they must ‘cleanse’ themselves. There has been more wisdom and knowledge destroyed in this way than people like me will ever learn. I believe that is evil in itself. So much wisdom in the Bible – strange things you and I do not understand and now wont ever because it’s all been destroyed over time and in the modernity of the world.

The world’s first medications were plants, seeds and herbs. What happened? Yes, they are as potent to your health today as they were during Creation. In fact, they kept us alive until less than 200 years ago, when wars and the Industrial Revolution left traditional life with a manpower (and womanpower) shortage. No, it wasn’t a life full of plagues and disease. That was relegated to the cities and places where industry, poverty, socio-economic and even class status ground down vital health until death. Every home in the Bible had its own medicinal supplies – oils, herbs, seeds, poultices. How can they be evil now? Set up your own pure, safe and effective home dispensary and avoid ER trips and bad ailments from developing. It’s easy – At a fraction of the cost of stores and other retailers – http://www.iherb.com/me/Veritasintegrativeveg

Women were the original healers – the majority, anyway. And no it wasn’t witchcraft, no more than fringe dwellers delve into black arts today. Nothing to do with original healing. Women were midwives, and child/family health carers. And herbalists.

On that topic, who was the world’s first master herbalist? King David. We still use “David’s Wheel” in herbal garden design today. Was it evil then? No. Is it evil today? No. Are your children or animals evil? No – yet those who dabble in black arts involve both. It does not make them any more evil than it makes natural therapies evil just because someone chooses to use them. Right through to Revelations we are still being urged by God-led wisdom to use the fruits, plants, soil and herbs.


So laboratories popped up – eventually becoming the world’s number one corrupt and powerful industry. If you don’t believe me, please feel free to Google it. And sadly Jewish groups fall into this terrible category with about as much honesty as banking. It is not about discoveries or cures any more than it is about fairy floss. It is political, ruthless and very corrupt. It’s the reason why whistleblowers die in sudden and mysterious circumstances. Meanwhile in our ignorance and trust we continue to blindly keep this evil system in place. Studies show that up to 4000 globally die every single day from medical misadventure, negligence and side effects. If a healthy lifestyle did this, it would be outlawed. Don’t laugh, Monsanto is currently leading the way to make it illegal to grow your own organic food from seeds that they don’t own – ie are not Roundup Ready (Google it, please!) and lead by the WHO, every western country is currently spending as much money on medical research as they are on stealing natural therapies from those actually qualified in them, and making many forms illegal in the process.

Of course not all people involved, nor all products involved are evil – many truly have good intentions and do good work. Again, more on that later. But this is the only reason pharmaceutical medicines overtook natural medicines – cheaper and less manpower needed. And more profit. Even long banned toxic drugs are still being recycled (research what is happening now with Thalidomide).


So, why aren’t most medications Biblical? Read! Study! Mark 16:18 speaks about exactly what I am talking about. We trust something based on synthetic poisons for our health and safety. Medications mask symptoms – they do not cure. They bring about the opposite of what you are suffering. So if you have pain, they don’t cure the cause or fix anything – they mask it, as blissful as that is, there are more legal medication addicts and deaths annually than from illegal. All perfectly legal and fully paid for by insurance, government funding – or you.

  • VACCINATIONS – Do you still believe that you should have your shots? That they are a magical mix of diluted pathogen which helps you build a ‘natural’ immunity? Read package inserts and ask yourself if God would approve of this Frankenscience. So, what is in a vaccination?

There is NOTHING Biblical about this list but every ingredient is found in today’s vaccines in various cocktails – also known to be linked to hundreds of modern day illnesses and deaths. Rather than investigate, the media and pharma dismiss it and cover it up with massive scare campaigns. This is a very condensed list – the truth is, it is a cocktail of horrific proportions and has nothing to do with natural immunity.

  • Hormones from cows, pigs, monkeys, and humans
  • Aluminium, mercury, sodium chloride
  • Egg and human albumin
  • Pig bones, cow serum
  • Formaldehyde and alcohol
  • MSG
  • Modified plant extracts and oils – including peanut

So where do you think the above human material is sourced? Aborted fœtuses. We are paying for murder, supporting murder and actually injected the contents sourced from dead babies into our own. Is that an extreme form of arrogance and privilege? In many 3rd world nations a parent can be shot or the child held at gunpoint if they refuse a vaccination. And before food, water and even basic healthy supplements or comfort – even a loving gentle touch or a wash, like ARV drugs (which are actually cancer chemotherapy drugs deemed too toxic for cancer sufferers) vaccines are administered. No washing of feet or gentle healing there.

Vaccines actually have mass murder history of the worst kind. And it continues today.

  • Vaccine companies built by Nazi scientists
  • Merck – Hoechst – IG Farben – BASF – Dow – Bayer – all have Nazi and even Third Reich background.
  • More here – http://www.naturalnews.com/035431_vaccine_ingredients_side_effects_MSG.html# (also shows a list of possible side effects – reads like a horror movie).
  • Get educated and network with other Christian parents – https://www.facebook.com/groups/165491767224/?fref=ts
  • Please note that homœopathy – developed by a Christian doctor in Germany over 200 years ago, is exactly what vaccination claims to be – is safe and effective yet is the number one modality (health science) attacked, vilified and dismissed by pharma and medical groups alike. You can set up a pure, safe dispensary to really build immunity via my online store – be prepared – At a fraction of the cost of stores and other retailers – http://www.iherb.com/me/Veritasintegrativeveg
  • BIO-ENGINEERING – a most extreme form of modern medicine, cleverly blackmailed into the planet’s psyche by heavily funded suspense and horror movies – supposedly to help feed the masses, protect us from war, aliens, monsters – you name it and the world has fallen for it. There are many horrific diseases now present, largely dismissed by medicine because they cannot face what they have done and do not know how to deal with it. Morgellons, Guillaine-Barre, Gulf War Syndrome, ALS, MS, MD, cancers in babies and children (and unborn babies), diabetes, auto immune disorders and much more. Then we are encouraged to do silly things and donate to find a cure – notice no one asks to find the cause… Google Plum Island and you might get the picture.

We now have illnesses deforming and slowly killing people in the most unBiblical ways. Genes spliced with animals spliced with plastics, bacteria, viruses, man made materials. Carried in nano particles and microscopic drones – we breathe them in, ingest them and absorb them. And there is no way to know you are doing so. It’s now in our waterways and food supplies – and in our medicines. In fact the same people responsible are the same companies supposedly responsible for our health.

Far more here – http://blogs.discovermagazine.com/bodyhorrors/2013/06/11/alchemists-gone-bad/#.VSOAkxOUfpA

  • PATHOLOGY – in the 1800s it was a political stoush that formulated health care as we know it today. We dismiss Darwin yet embrace a scientist whose sole concern was political power. Money talks. Christians and Jews alike sink more money into these lies than almost any other sector. Like the poppy fiends of Afghanistan, where small children parade with guns and are killed for any little thing, and the spoils are bought by the pharma groups to make your pain relief, surely it’s up to every single one of us to take a stand and change our health from Babylonian to Edenic? We believe the Germ Theory today, and laugh at the fact that ALL health is based on our own biological ‘terrain’ – our body’s alkalinity and balance. We are made up of around 90% bodyweight of pathogens – parasites, bacteria, viruses and so much more – most of it is vitally healthy. Most life would not exist without it. Yet antibiotics are pumped into us which kill ALL pathogens, good and bad. We can’t ‘catch’ things – they are all already in us. Take the body out of balance and you get an overgrowth/invasion of the offending ones. Even these are necessary in a healthy body – but in balance. But for a very ugly legal and political battle, our health care system would be based on biological terrain – and we would still be living a very healthy lifestyle!
  • ‘NATURAL MEDICINE’ – usually termed alternative medicine, quackery, witchcraft, idol worship, black magic in Christian circles. I’m not the only one who has been labelled so. Not long ago all it took for someone to be burned as a witch, was for a woman to defy the men who were slowly taking over the female-only realm of traditional methods and refuse to stop passing down the wisdom from generations before. Not every ‘witch’ was actually practising black arts. But it made for a very valid argument at the time.

Natural medicine can take many styles. It is usually from a region’s traditional indigenous plants, minerals and seeds. It is knowledge that was obtained often by fluke – for example, in Acupuncture, the first point ever discovered was an ailment of a soldier going to war. He was sick but still needed on the battlefield. He was shot with an arrow and the ailment promptly disappeared. This later became known to be the point matching that symptom set. Over the years, the Indians and later on Chinese discovered corresponding points all over the body. Points no doubt already known by God! In Iridology beginnings, an owl broke its leg and immediately, a white (acute) line appeared in its iris. This was later proven to be the exact area on the iridology map that reflected the lower part of the body – in this case, the leg.

Clever spin (ie well paid pseudo experts) have brainwashed the public into thinking that natural therapies must surely be in the same basket as tarot or psychic arts. That is akin to saying that brain surgery is the same as hairdressing. Totally different, no? And yet most Christians today will still say you are playing with evil spirits and demons if you are healthy or even alive still thanks to the use of Acupuncture or Iridology. Thankfully my Christian friends are a little more wise and faithful.

It’s only in recent years that silver, gold, myrrh and frankincense are experiencing a revival. As in biblical days, these pure, healing elements, oils and plants are as vital as ever before – perhaps even moreso than medicine, where we are seeing more and more resistance. What of crystal healing? I have read extensively on this and seen both good and bad sides – usually misunderstandings. All I can say on this matter without causing upset or speaking too much out of my field, is that He created these gems – they are spoken of throughout every book of the Bible. They are ancient, and like ALL matter they contain energy. Remember solid, liquid and gases science classes? Everything has an energy vibration. Even sickness – acute sickness like a cold or injury pain has a high frequency energy. Chronic, terminal illness has a slow frequency energy. So rather than dismissing it as hocus pocus, remember the basics of scientific facts. If you have a slow frequency illness and you are exposed to powerful magnetic or electric waves it can kill you. So why not expose yourself to a beautiful gemstone creation and allow it to rebalance your energy? Same with hydrotherapy – floating in water is relaxing. Being struck by jets in a spa is invigorating. Easy!

  • MODERN MEDICINE – there is just so much to this – enough to fill many books. Is this article saying that there is no need for modern medicine? That would be a tad stupid. All I am saying is we need to care less about ‘our’ doctors and ‘needing’ shots or medicine or anti biotics and more about true pure living – not just focusing in our minds and how many verses we can recite. Micro surgeons are genius that few will ever understand. Likewise, the humble nurse is often worked to death just to ensure you stay alive despite all that modern medicine throws at you. Emergency departments are full of miracles every single day BUT also equally full of self abusive, neglectful and lazy patients who need to be there far less than they need to learn First Aid and self care! Make no mistake, there is always an alternative. Or in my friend’s words, there are many safe and effective options to use BEFORE you even consider something that has risks and side effects.
  • DIET – Daniel diet, Edenic diet, Essene or Nazarene. The names are endless, the advice and guidance is limitless and effects are profound yet for the most part, most Christians could care less about diet. Do you truly believe this perfect creation you were blessed with at birth, deserves self destruction, relying purely on prayer? What an insult to your Creator. I have written extensively on the alkaline vegan diet. No cruelty. No death. No toxins. Just pure, healthy, HEALING food. Please see my other posts. What we eat today can only be described as Babylonian. Go and visit a slaughterhouse if you don’t believe me. Food has been so modified (including genetically – as in spliced with all manner of synthetics and even other animal species) that we now have allergies, sensitivities, diseases and terminal illness all linked to ‘food’ of today. When I first began trying to teach fellow Christians about this I was lampooned, even full sermons were shared about the evils of ‘new age’ eating. How much less new age could you get than an Edenic diet?

How were you taught to cook? How were you taught how to ‘balance’ your diet or that of your children? 99.999% of you have not had any formal training in natural nutrition or healthy cooking. Traditionally we learn from our parents who in turn did not have any training other than from their parents – and our habits and favourite foods in turn came down the line based on geographical location, food availability and socio-economic status (and the wealthy have not always eaten better than the poor). Or Home Economics classes at school – the teachers of which were taught from text books actually written by a) meat industry b) wheat industry c) corn industry d) sugar industry e) dairy industry f) pharmaceutical industry – ie zero background in natural nutrition and health. In my own case I have been lobbying Australian schools and government for 30 years to get natural nutrition and foods into schools and hospitals to no avail – apparently there is no interest or need. Did you know that doctors and pharmacists study just 6 hours of nutrition in their entire studies? And even that is not compulsory. So why go to either for a diet or nutritional advice? Yet watch any TV and you will see ads telling you to.

The food pyramid, five food groups, 3 square meals a day, healthy heart, low fat – all termed/invented/coined by industry with something to sell. They are not the basis of health, let alone a balanced diet – or for healing. In fact, the average diet (standard Western diet – or poor white man’s diet) irritates your body even when you are asleep, increasing imbalance, allergies, pain and inflammation, obesity – and yes, even psychological and terminal disease.

God made the health and survival aspect of Creation first with plants and water. Therefore that is what we must base our health on. If you consider the pathology of a plant cell and a human cell you will see how very similar we are. Check out the miniscule difference between our blood and the blood of plants aka hæmoglobin –


Identical but for iron and magnesium – yet it’s the most overlooked aspect in health care, aside from the germ vs terrain theory. Many people who live an Edenic lifestyle actually base their entire diet on plant based foods – that includes leafy greens, colourful vegetables, legumes, seeds, herbs, nuts, fruit and this miraculously and surprisingly balances the body in the most astounding way – your blood, digestion, organ function, and even psychological health at a cellular level – reversing illness and preventing poor immunity.

  • SUPPLEMENTS – TONICS – HERBALS – MINERALS – HOMŒOPATHIC REMEDIES – as a child and as a nurse I deemed in my ignorance and general brain washing that all of this ‘stuff’ was in deed witchcraft and evil. How wrong and stupid I was. I see miracles every day – without surgery, lives saved when medicine gave no hope and had no answers; comatose patients awoken with the right body therapy or tonic; poisoned humans and animals close to death having their health fully restored; supposed hereditary and congenital issues cured. Not covered up, no side effects, CURED.

Yet despite trillions in medical system funding globally, trillions to be made by pharma companies and media alike, all of the ‘alternative’ which according to one of my patients/friends believes should be ‘comprehensive’ – zero funding, no scholarships of note, no subsidies, no public support. I have made a point of finding ethical, Biblical, pure companies and products. I have managed to find companies who ship globally, wholesale products of the most perfect nature – straight to your door. Products better than most ‘practitioner only’ or ‘pharmaceutical grade’ counterparts. If you are unable to find what you are seeking please ask and I will find a company who can ship to your locality.

This includes avoiding the nasty toxic chemical cocktail mess that makes up over 90% of the world’s beauty and personal care – including baby – products. It also includes cleaning, pet care and food products. Make sure you see LSH723 code number at checkout to get a further $10US of your total.

Change your household shopping habits and you can change the world – and save your life!

At a fraction of the cost of stores and other retailers – http://www.iherb.com/me/Veritasintegrativevegan

This article is far longer than I intended. In fact, only 1500 words less than my PhD thesis. Such is the vast nature of this topic. I pray that it helps you to a healthier, more Edenic life. I pray that you are able to side step Babylon today.

Ross River Virus – Implications and chronic effects

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Ross River Virus is a virus purportedly spread by mosquitoes much in the same way as malaria. Most cases are not reported as they are mistaken for influenza as the symptoms are very similar. In fact, most cases that present clinically are diagnosed as the flu – and most disappear by themselves through strong immunity. Those who are immune compromised (having recently had vaccinations, antibiotics or serious chronic health issues) make up the numbers – and only those who have lived or visited heavily infested mosquito areas are diagnosed with Ross River – usually because the patient has advised their recent exposure. Ross River is not carried by every mosquito and like other insect borne illness, it is dependent upon geography rather than the large presence of mosquitoes in any given area. According to Notifiable Infectious Disease Reports, WA Department of Health, while there has been an increase in notifications, it tends to be more of a case that doctors are aware of the activities of a patient, instead of an actual increase in cases.

Around 100,000 cases are recorded annually – usually across the top end of Australia, however it is being more and more reported in low-lying areas such as the south west of WA. According to the Dept of Health,  Ages affected are mostly 39-45; with no real indication of why this age group is most affected.

It is usually classified as a non-fatal virus, however those affected in the long term develop myalgic encephalomyelitis (also known as ME/chronic fatigue syndrome). Initial symptoms include flu like inflammatory symptoms. Mismanaged cases that worsen and develop in chronicity display marker symptoms such as joint pain and swelling (mainly in the extremities), lethargy, myalgia, rash (involving the trunk and limbs), fever, headache and depression. These symptoms are identical in nature to chronic fatigue syndrome which is usually mismanaged medically and diagnosed as depression and fibromyalgia – and treated medically with anti depressants, NSAIDs and strong analgesia – and compound the illness as the patient develops addictions and dependence on the medications.

Development – with an incubation period after mosquito exposure of 7 to 9 days (but with a possible range of 3 to 21 days), diagnosis is often hit and miss as it closely mirrors many other viral symptom sets.

Diagnosis – Blood tests will detect viral loads and those displaying a positive IgM or a 4-fold rise on IgG titre is diagnostic of RRV disease – such cases usually display a range of very slight (and often overlooked) markers –

  • Eosinophilia
  • Splenomegaly
  • Anæmia
  • Blood viral markers

Concomitant symptoms –

  • Photophobia
  • Headaches
  • Fever
  • Rash
  • Painful and swollen joints – especially knees, ankles, wrists, fingers, jaw, neck, shoulder, back, elbow, wrist, hip, hands, feet and toes
  • Lymphadenopathy (enlarged glands)
  • Sore throat
  • Coryza (watery eyes)
  • Neck stiffness
  • Enlarged abdominal organs

Effective management and treatment –

  • Homœopathic anti inflammatories and remineralisation
  • Anti inflammatory diet – alkaline – http://goo.gl/Ra8Ji8 (80% alkaline minimum)
  • Acupuncture to relieve pain and inflammation
  • Hydrotherapy – swimming/spa/sauna, hot Epsom salts baths
  • Rest – including time off work or school
  • Homœopathics – http://goo.gl/4RPWKK – http://goo.gl/Pu9Bhl
  • Probiotic – goo.gl/TtmsJK
  • Anti inflammatory herbs – goo.gl/QCOsO0
  • Natural pain relief – http://goo.gl/yS4lOV
  • Superfood synergistic nutrients – goo.gl/MToZaK
  • Energy supplements – goo.gl/OhbXMW

Please also see my blog posts on Chronic Fatigue for more helpful tips – http://goo.gl/DwrZuW















References –

Energy supplements – goo.gl/OhbXMW

Effective, affordable alternatives to Neways and Sisel products delivered to your door.

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As a health practitioner, I always sought out the best, premium quality products for my patients – BUT they had to be effective, ethical, vegan, pure/organic and above all affordable. And they need to be on par with the best Practitioner Only products on the market, and be backed by believable research.

I no longer practice but continue working on my global network to help people find the best individual health care options for their own family’s needs. After much research and more than a few ongoing issues which remain unanswered (including the use of ingredients sourced from unethical companies, and poor follow up customer service, as well as outright dishonesty and evading answering direct questions) I no longer find the former companies to be quite what they like to promote themselves to be.

So I set out to find a company that could do this. And thankfully I found one. For the countries it does not ship to, I found another similar company, which I will do a post on shortly.

The good news is that these companies have many benefits that neither Neways or Sisel did –

1. They ship to almost every country globally.

2. Shipping fees are a fraction of the price my former companies charge.

3. Tens of thousands of products.

4. Thousands of vegan products with no history of animal testing.

5. Thousands of brands.

6. Rewards program (similar to an affiliate program).

7. ZERO demand for monthly orders, nor can other ‘members’ make money from your efforts.

8. Order what you want, when you want.

9. Discounts and bonuses on all first orders if you give the code of a member – my code should turn up in your checkout however if it does not, please input LSH273 otherwise you will miss out on a further 10% discount.

10. Thousands of discounts and specials/clearance items.

11. Thousands of trial purchase products for even better prices.

12. Every item guaranteed cheapest for comparable product and quality.

13. Not restricted to a few health products, cleaning, personal care and cosmetics – includes –

  • supplements
  • herbs
  • homœopathy
  • bath/beauty
  • skincare
  • healthy grocery (including gluten free and vegan)
  • kids and babies
  • sports products
  • pet products
  • links to studies and research

No other company is so extensive or inclusive. And no one compares in prices. Please feel free to do your own research on the site, but if you need help finding your own preferred products, let me know and I will work it out. The following is an extensive list of alternatives to the more popular products that Neways and Sisel promote. For those not listed, feel free to research as iHerb will have more than one options available.

* The hyperlinks are not working on every device so if they do not work for you, please copy and paste. This will ensure you receive the extra 10% discount/bonus.

  • FUCOYDON (RRP60.00)
    Replacement – www.goo.gl/C8yvYf – (27.00US)
  • SPECTRAMAXX (75.01) plus ETERNITY (68.76)
    Replacement – www.goo.gl/6bo8An (17.50US) (Equivalent of both products in one pill)
  • TS-X (RRP156.27)
    Replacement – www.goo.gl/DhgcKe (95.04US)
    Replacement – www.goo.gl/JFJai1 (16.90US)
  • SUPRADETOX (RRP31.24) plus BALANCE-D (RRP36.26)
    Replacement – www.goo.gl/Vz0lDN (26.20US) (both product equivalents in one pill)
    Replacement for adults – www.goo.gl/e0APqo (RRP14.35US)
    Replacement for kids/students of all ages – www.goo.gl/pQueZk (14.35US)
    Replacement – www.goo.gl/ekcIVZ (20.34US)
  • INFLUENCE (25.00)
    Replacement – www.goo.gl/HjYwvS (12.00US)
  • HEARTIFY (RRP48.76)
    Replacement – www.goo.gl/4wJEJ9 (18.19US)

Every product listed above contains at least the equivalent of the original products recommended – but most contain far more ingredients, as well as being in larger quantities – as well as quality and efficacy with irrefutable reviews and testimonies. It is simply not true that SISEL has the best or only option in any of these products. iHerb also stocks the equivalent of every other product that can be found on their pages.

Like SISEL, Neways like to say their products are the only one of their kind, or the best available – in fact so good that other companies beg to buy their products. These claims are simply not true. And as a health care professional I have a real issue with untrained fanatics misleading the public. I have lost count of the number of times I have seen people make unfounded claims – many in dangerous situations and with life threatening illness. Many have become adept at cutting and pasting the research and advice of people like me in order to flog product. It’s something that does not sit comfortably with me and is very influential in the destruction of the natural health profession. So, what about the Neways product list?

  • FEROXIN (35.10 w/s – RRP 50.20)

         Replacementhttp://goo.gl/MUswuS (26.47US)

  • CASSIE TEA (31.20 w/s – RRP 36.25)

         Replacement – http://goo.gl/QzhpRd (17.83US)

  • GREEN QI (41.55 w/s – RRP 59.40) plus LACTO FLORA (34.95 w/s – RRP 49.95)

         Replacementhttp://goo.gl/FTPu5B (22.94US)

  • ATRIMAX (45.95 w/s – RRP 65.70)

         Replacement – http://goo.gl/4wJEJ9 (18.19US)

  • BLACK WALNUT AND SENNA (27.15 w/s – RRP 38.80) plus PURGE (54.55 w/s – RRP 78.00)

         Replacement – http://goo.gl/HSrQaE (17.86US)

  • EMPEROR’S FORMULA (69.76 w/s – RRP 99.70)

         Replacementhttp://goo.gl/GzwEqU (22.08US)

  • ENDAU HARMONISING CREAM (33.70 w/s – RRP 48.15)

         Replacement – http:goo.gl/Kovjs6 (5.62US)

  • GINECITY – (24.60 w/s – RRP 35.15)

         Replacementhttp://goo.gl/pVmjoz (10.20US)

  • MING GOLD (48.40 w/s – RRP 69.25)

         Replacementhttp://goo.gl/43zp0g (11.95US)

  • MING VMM (61.25 w/s – RRP 87.60)

         Replacementhttp://goo.gl/VwnAzR (18.48US)

  • ORBITOL PLUS (68.35 w/s – RRP 97.95)

         Replacement – http://goo.gl/MdvgV4 (12.99US)

  • CASCADING REVENOL (61.65 w/s – RRP 88.15)

         Replacementhttp://www.goo.gl/6eW9xA (19.95US)

  • UTHINOL (55.30 w/s – RRP 79.05) plus ENDAU TRANSITIONS (42.40 w/s – RRP 60.65)

         Replacement – http://goo.gl/3VGyyl (7.14US)

  • ENDAU ESSENTIALS (34.95 w/s – RRP 49.95)

         Replacementhttp://goo.gl/XaBl9m (13.99US)

  • VITASHAKE (60.00 w/s – RRP 85.80) plus GREEN QI (41.55 w/s – RRP 59.40) plus superfoods

         Replacement – http://goo.gl/rpa0XK (31.10US)

  • NONI plus superfruits (67.75 w/s – RRP 96.85)

         Replacement – www.http://goo.gl/0ZKDtb (23.01US)

  • ORACHEL PLUS (33.40 w/s – RRP 47.70) – plus FEROXIN (35.10 w/s – RRP 50.20) plus GREEN QI (41.55 w/s – RRP 59.40) plus VITACELL (59.85 w/s – RRP 85.75)

         Replacement – http://goo.gl/ppqr2O (17.50US)

– Depending on demand I may do a post on the skincare, hair care, dental, home and personal care alternatives in the future. Just know there are thousands of options – and these actually don’t contain questionable ingredients – nor are they tested on animals. Just ask!

Why are weightloss companies failing you?

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Anyone who has ever known me or been a patient knows my dislike for weight watching/weight loss groups, programs or plans – especially those advised by pharma, doctors or well known companies. Why?

Because pharma is not trained in health or diet; doctors do 6 hours of nutrition courses in their entire training; companies are set up purely to make money. Treatments to supposedly help someone lose weight are invariably temporary – and come laden with side effects.

ANY diet set out just to lose weight is doomed to fail you in some way or another. If not, surely every thin person would be free of sickness or chronic disease? That is simply not true. Likewise, it’s not about calories, food pyramid or 5 food groups – these little games were made up by people who had something to gain – usually fame and money – and they have led many generations down a slippery slope of ill health and obesity.

Likewise, losing weight rapidly like Biggest Loser type shows advocate are riddled with issues – starvation tactics are shocking to the body; they do not teach you how to interact with food; joint/muscle/bone injuries and damage are rife; the organ damage inflicted on such trauma and shock is not a one-off or temporary. It’s permanent.

It’s no secret that obese people are among the most malnourished despite the amount of food consumed.There is SO much you can do to get to your ideal weight BUT it must revolve around HEALTH. Healthy living, healthy habits, healthy lifestyle. And for most, these things are alien. So, what to do?

1. Get alkaline – for any body to be healthy, it must be alkaline – otherwise you are ageing rapidly, acid is increasing your chance of chronic illness, cancer, emotional/psychiatric illness, organ damage and yes, obesity. This point also rings true for people who cannot gain weight. See my links at http://chrysalisintegratedhealth.org/?s=diet and inbox for the eating plan.

2. Get moving – for some this is very difficult – but even passive exercise will help. It can be as simple as walking outside. In fact, get that vitamin D into you – it is going to have many more benefits than sitting inside thinking about it. Find an exercise program based around your life or abilities.

3. Stop bad habits – do you drink sugary coke? Coffee? Lots of alcohol? Choc milks or iced coffee? Don’t cut down – it’s not about moderation – it’s about doing ALL you can to undo the damage you have already inflicted. It’s your only chance on your only body – it’s up to you, not some magical medical procedure or side-effect laden pill.

4. Find your ‘instead’ – so if you eat a lot of bread, find something else to eat instead – gluten, the protein in wheat and a few other grains, is one of the worst things you can do for your health – pain, inflammation, weight gain, digestive upset, etc. Cut it completely. Find a gluten free bread or crackers by all means but it’s only bad habits that dictate that we must eat it with every meal. If you reach for table salt every meal, use Himalayan salt instead – full in electrolytes and actually good for you. If you reach for sugar to go with everything, make sure it’s stevia instead. Ask what your INSTEAD is with every single habit! Just because it has the dodgy healthy heart tick or weight watchers stamp of approval does not make it healthy.

5. Water – yes, this suggestion has been done to death. That is because it’s a valid one! Did you know, if you feel thirsty, your body is already dehydrated? Your brain is the last organ to recognise thirst but once you feel thirsty your body is already in panic mode and going through damaging chemical reactions to cope. Drink all day. No, don’t add sugary cordials. And no, coffee or tea is not water. Stop tainting it! The only thing I ever suggest going into your water is lemon or lime juice. And for every ‘other’ drink you have – whether it’s alcohol, coffee, tea, iced drinks, fizzy drinks, etc – you need at least another cup of water instead – to undo the damage. Some say more but I am being generous today.

6. Herbal teas – did you know, you can actually treat your health almost 100% through well chosen herbal teas? Okay so you’d really have to like tea to do that (luckily I have learned to love it) but yes, it can be done. Appetite suppressing tea, energising tea, sleep-inducing tea, lymphatic flushing tea, and so on. There are even fasting teas that help you to go without food…

7. Fasting – yes you heard right. Did you know why breakfast is named just so? Because it is meant to be the breaking of the fast. As in you should not have eaten since daybreak the previous day. And yes, that means nothing except water. Few live by this healthy rule any longer. And did you know that contrary to popular folk lore (aka modern day health advice) it does not mean shovel in as many calories as you can? It means eating healthy to fuel your body – FYI fatty food and starchy processed carbs do not fuel your body. So how do you fast? Every night eat a light meal and lots of water. Sleep. Do not get up and have that midnight snack. In the morning, start with a drink of water with lemon added. If you have digestive problems, have some slippery elm to line the entire GI tract. If you suffer constipation, soak some psyllium in a tall glass of water and allow to soak up – then drink. Then have a smoothie – or a freshly squeezed juice – have both if you have a large appetite or demanding day. They will give you more nutrients than any other diet possible. So, by doing this you are fasting every single night – hopefully for 12 hours – so 6 to 6, 7 to 7, or 8 to 8 and so on. And try an occasional fast for real. You will need more preparation for this but you will find more here – http://chrysalisintegratedhealth.org/?s=fasting

8. Supplements to help heal and rebuild your body – ask yourself why health nuts are usually thin and healthy ‘looking’ – we’re not lucky magical people. Most of us have a chronically ill past but just decided enough was enough. We eat well, even if we feel like gorging some days. We stick to healthy habits – it takes some effort but it’s worth it. We don’t rely on medications to keep us alive – even if some of us did once. We just find a healthy new way to live. As in really live, not just exist.

Everything I recommend is vegan and ethically sourced – all done for you – and postage is just a few dollars no matter where you are. It’s all affordable – far moreso than buying more food than any of us need every day. So what supplements can help you? There are just so many – find the ones that will help you but please, start with the superfood tonics, healthy foods, superfoods, high nutrients – the stuff that health is made from ;)

a) Appetite suppressant (healthy kind) – http://goo.gl/30foPv ($2.95US)
b) Digestive/vital organ tonic/thyroid tonic/lymphatic flush – http://goo.gl/nBCIiJ ($13.81US)
c) Fat burning/metaboliser – http://goo.gl/OCdUze ($15.93US)
d) Thermogenic/detox tea – http://goo.gl/IVXJIR ($3.19US)
e) Sugar/fat metabolism – http://goo.gl/zgQjwN ($5.95US)
f) Thermogenic/fat burning – http://goo.gl/AS8OBG ($4.95US)
g) Superfood/tonic/vitamin/antioxidant/herbal – http://goo.gl/Pqp8BJ ($17.50US)
h) Trace elements/minerals/energy – http://goo.gl/MzRbgS ($12.62US)
i) Essential fatty acids/Omegas 3/6/9 – http://goo.gl/eJc3i5 ($7.67)
j) Superfood meal replacement – http://goo.gl/82EZv6 ($25.99)

– none of the above have bad side effects that are linked to so many pharma-based diet pills and treatments. They simply work. It’s not about the latest fad, the VLCD which is a starvation diet that your body is going to rebel against; ever noticed why all these poor girls, excited about ‘advising’ you on TV ads, still carrying the extra weight – are nowhere to be seen down the track? When it fails they simply find another girl to do the ad, and so on.

If weightloss comes without health, what is the point? Get healthy – weightloss will follow.

Changes to this site – including recommendations

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Many changes are afoot for this page. A full name change is necessary since the recent interest in not just the name Chrysalis Health but Chrysalis Integrated/Integrative, Chrysalis Homoeopathics, Chrysalis Naturals and so on. For a word that was nowhere to be found when I began, it is now one of the most used/misused words in natural health care. Some I am fine with as they are truly noble groups but seeing others not only use my name but imagery, even my work, I need to distance myself. So if you notice the URL/domain changes, don’t panic.

Secondly, after a very disappointing turn of events, I am no longer involved with either Neways or Sisel. I have found a great company that not only provides comparable, better priced and ethical alternatives but all vegan, and am in the process of adding all the recommendations to his blog – along with a PDF with all necessary links.


Thanks for your patience!













How To Follow The Chrysalis Protocol for Chronic Fatigue

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The Chrysalis blog was set up to direct people, no matter where you are in the world, to finding answers for free to your health. Due to sheer numbers of CFS/ME/lyme/Fibro patients asking for help I set up this page. I then found that my facebook pages were taking hours to write every single day, but the information was becoming lost due to the increasing number of posts and for someone with CFS/lyme/fibro it was just too difficult to navigate. Some had a great suport network to help print off posts and make up a treatment file but it still wasn’t ideal.

So, I copied all existing articles and new ones, to my blog, and now direct visitors to the it in order to allow visitors to find answers more easily. I appreciate it is still not ‘easy’ – especially when concentration, ordering, food prep etc is a vital part of your recovery. However, compared to many other ‘CFS experts’ and their sites (especially the high fee-attracting ones) it is much easier. I found these sites difficult to navigate and very secretive, and in my view, holding the sufferer to ransom while thinking they had no hope elsewhere.

More than once I was told that some of these experts, and many of the patients who promoted them, had not yet dealt with a single truly successful case, nor had the patients even got close to a cure. This is alarming as I find it incredulous that anyone would claim their protocol could work, if they were yet to see a single cure! Yet these are the services that seem to be attracting the paying customers – all about $$$ while baffling with science…

And sadly, this is the direction medicine has gone. My first cases of CFS were seen in my nursing days – the standard treatment back then was shock treatment, anti depressants and hysterectomies for the ladies. I wont repeat what I heard doctors joking about behind the patients’ backs. It hasn’t changed much. Just 8 years ago, when my daughter became unwell, we went to 20 different doctors/clinics/hospitals before we realised that yes, I would have to do it alone even if it was technically illegal.

‘Treatment’ in this instance involved anti depressants, addictive analgesics and admission into the mental health system which we refused. My daughter wasn’t depressed, and she was sick of being unwell! Fun was made of our vegetarian diet, and we were told a number of times that as I do not vaccinate my children, this is what caused it. One doctor actually Googled CFS/ME in front of us, as he had never treated it. He sent her home in a wheelchair with the words “Prepare for the worst. If she stops breathing again tonight, please bring her back. But she may not last the night.” So we had a teen who may or may not last the night – but as they had not dealt with it, go home. It was a long night – especially as earlier that day, we had stood in the local welfare office trying to at least recoup some of the money we’d lost (I could no longer work but did not qualify for a carer’s allowance and she had not been able to work for 9 months) – she collapsed on the floor and lay there crying and shaking. People – many who looked like actual drug addicts openly laughed at her and a few less than decent comments were made to her. I stood there crying and that was when I vowed to share what I found, once I found it!

Anyway, as there are a number of articles on my blog with the protocol and other associated aspects related, and apologies to those who still find it difficult, hopefully the list below will help make it more clear. How long does it take you to recover after each visit to a doctor or other practitioner? My daughter usually took an average of 3 days, during which time she didn’t eat, couldn’t have the light on, and shook with pain. I want to help you avoid this. One thing that may help is knowing how much it takes to even make and keep an appointment and the days of recovery following, you are able to avoid that stress, while ordering what you need from the comfort of your own home. Hopefully your support network can do the groceries and other needs. It would be nice to have a dedicated service in each city but I guess that will only come with more awareness and honesty in treatment rather than people like Dr Oz et al promising false hope and untruths…

The great thing to know is that I have had many patients I have never met, across the world, who don’t even have a good support network or limitless cash – who have been able to return to health, after previously using their life savings and many years in the system without any success. Almost every day I am contacted by someone else thanking me for the protocol.

Stage one – understanding invisible disease. It is no one issue, no magic pill is going to ‘fix’ it. It is a toxic attack that has taken some time and trauma to develop, affecting your nervous system and vital organs – and in turn, every aspect of your health. Usually misdiagnosed for years, much time has passed, allowing symptoms to develop unnecessarily.

Stage two – starting on the correct detox, diet and lifestyle is as vital as is the correct supplementation. There are many, many simple tips, such as the common herb ginger to help with abdominal inflammation and pain, as well as hormone imbalance. You need your support network to also identify with your illness, as most people fail to understand completely unless they know how it feels, or what it is.

Stage three – detoxing is important, as is rest and the correct treatment. There are so many diets out there, including for invisible disease that it makes your head spin. And it makes you sick eventually, if not immediately. Invisible disease is about inflammation. Think about it – acid causes swelling and inflammation and is linked to ALL pain and illness. So what causes illness? Primarily what we put into our bodies but also what we put onto our bodies, our thought processes and stress. So how to you take your body from an acidic mess fully of inflammation and pain, to an alkaline, calm, pain free HEALTHY, living individual. There is no alkaline pill, no magic vaccine that is going to change things. If you live acid, you live with inflammation. Most newcomers argue with this, yet eventually they get it. So how do you trust what is the correct diet, and how do you learn how to pull it all into one cohesive program? The following is just that – a combination of years of study and various trials and articles and books – and tests. Most importantly, thousands of cases were involved.


Stage four – the correct medicines – while I agree with analgesia if it means relief and sleep, I do not see it as an effective treatment ideal – many are addictive and come with a host of side effects, even death. But in the short term or occasionally, yes, please take them. After trialing thousands of dollars’ worth of what I would term excellent supplements (including practitioner only and some of the most expensive and well researched options) I began reading up on certain biochemical research.


Stage five – this wraps up all the adjuvant tips and ideas that have many benefits and even increase the effectiveness of the steps above. With diet, I am yet to see a single sufferer who is not gluten intolerant – check out the symptoms of GI –


Hormone imbalance is a major factor in invisible disease – including lupus, ALS, MS, MD and much more. And it is one of the most mismanaged health sectors. Just a little here with a few tips on how to ensure your hormones are at their optimum level – you will be shocked –


What about the ongoing arguments that natural therapies don’t work? This has been an ongoing very clever spin exercise, with little truth, other than fear and money – why do so many accept a death sentence without even trying”


What about pain relief? Why are so many sufferers now registered drug addicts? Why are so many now needing the assistance of drug detox and pain clinics? And why is the suicide rate so high in sufferers? –


What about scams? How do you know the protocol is safe or effective?


Feel free to print off this information and share with anyone you know who may need it.

Remember to ‘follow’ this blog to avoid missing out on any updates or articles. If you are seeking a confidential health assessment, please follow this link

– http://chrysalisintegratedhealth.org/2014/11/11/your-online-assessment/

On top of the above suggestions, please use the following Rx protocol – it can be ordered online at a fraction of the cost of any competitor. The general rule of thumb is for every year you have been sick, it will take a month to reverse. Be patient and just know you are doing the right thing –

1. Fibromyalgia symptoms – buy boron here – http://goo.gl/aX3XfT

(Research on effects of boron – http://goo.gl/I7hjTg)

2. Fibromyalgia/adrenal tonic – buy here – http://goo.gl/rTNu8G

(Article on benefits of colloidal minerals/fulvates http://goo.gl/Z7P4B7)

3. Anti inflammatory – buy here – http://goo.gl/7APMi3

4. Superfood, probiotics, herbal, adaptogenic, tonic – http://goo.gl/9mD8ZP

5. Anti inflammatory fucoidan – buy here – http://goo.gl/QCOsO0

(Fucoidan effects on fibro/CFS/lyme – http://goo.gl/xYbVtL)

6. Anti parasite/mould – buy here – http://goo.gl/QoGz3n

7. Superfood tonic – buy here – http://goo.gl/OhbXMW

This is the basis of the treatment. Please advise if there are any other symptoms you need help with – most cases are not identical and can be associated with a whole range of health issues. The above list includes the best quality at a reduced price. ALL the products listed above are needed – as CFS is not a single symptom set and requires a multi faceted attack. Just know it can be done!

©  copyright Lulu Kenzig 2014


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