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Killing Them Softly – Australian Medical System’s Assault on the Elderly

The Australian government and paid media began the scaremongering a few decades ago,”By the year 2000, half our population will be aged.” Well duh, seriously? And the other half won’t be aged! All of a sudden, ageism became a very real issue. Wisdom and experience soon became a burden and weighed down by negativity. Respect for your elders was soon replaced with disrespect, disinterest, unbelievable violence and obscene relegation to the rubbish heap.

The previous plans of the late 20th century to do away with nursing homes were surreptitiously shelved and an entire new industry sprang up. Entire job lists were filled with ‘carer’ courses, new workplaces and positions. Students wiled their spare time away begrudgingly ‘caring’ for the elderly while waiting for their ‘real’ careers to start. Families no longer looked after their parents. The same parents who had sacrificed their lives to do all they could for their kids. Mushrooming industries like funeral insurance, over-45 living (advertised ad nauseum very single ad break) would have the public lulled into a false sense that death is the number one industry.



‘Pathways’ have sprung up quicker than a Ewing oil well or Reinhart mine. It’s not just enough to have a birthday any more; it’s about who is in control of you and your health. Who you need to see, who is going to tell you where to go, what to do and how to live. And they will tell you when you are ready to go into care, even if you are still more than capable of running a company and taking care of yourself.

My Aged Care Service Assessment Pathways
My Aged Care Service Assessment Pathways


And as is normal, the ‘health‘ system struck gold. Feasibility studies sprung up, funding was made available for every new idea and system under the sun, all in the name of dealing with the ageing population as it is now termed. People more than capable of working, teaching, contributing to society were shunted away before their time.


The seniors program began; resentfully taxpayer funded (after all, none of those hard working seniors paid any tax, did they?) and the wheels of our eugenic and iatrogenic society began turning… Shiny, impressive ‘services’ for elderly care as as numerous now as any industry. And they are a greasy-palmed, back slapping, ravenous beast. And it’s BIG business…



Society forgot one thing – we all, if we are lucky, eventually get old.

“Have any of you students noticed that in 6 months, you have never seen a doctor down here? That is no coincidence. They know they will age, they don’t want to face that. Besides, they think they can assess and prescribe from their office without ever having to look at someone who is elderly or mentally disabled.”

Those words were said by a sad-eyed charge nurse, to a room full of students circa 1982 and have resonated with me since, eventually shaping the way I dealt with both elderly and disabled cases on an ongoing basis.

That particular ward had a variety of residents – from what one might call criminally insane to trauma-related mental health issues, stroke victims, catatonic – curled in a fœtal position for years; some were violent, some were passive (read – drugged to the eyeballs) and they were all lumped in with the people who had the audacity to enter the era of the elderly; same ‘treatment’ every day, same food, same rooms, same ‘care’… They were not considered suitable for a regular nursing home; all had medium to serious health issues and needed around-the-clock care. Yet they were all amazing human beings.


I spent the rest of that shift speaking to the residents, brushing their hair, making them comfortable, singing with them, dancing with them, and asking them questions. I was often in trouble for taking the time to paint their nails or give them a mini makeover, including on my days off. I just couldn’t believe that these human beings, who had such amazing memories and stories to tell, had lived such lives – far more adventurous and exciting than any person my age would dare to live; were locked away in this ward, the only daylight courtesy of rare supervised spells out on the verandah, often tied to their chairs.


My suggestions for a healthy diet and natural supplements were met with mirth and derision. Asking if we could take them outside for half an hour a day was just smirked at, as was the suggestion that they be allowed to not sit in their day chairs from 4.30 in the morning when showers began, that their sedentary lives imposed in this ‘care’ facility were as much responsible for their rapid decline as any real health issue.



Our ‘seniors’ health system is an appalling mish-mash of stop gap, enforced and unnecessary measures, all riding on the coat tails of the real, beneficial measures. While young, upcoming politicians fight to do away with the aged pension, it’s no secret that they now live below the poverty line, more than 90% depend on pharmaceutical care (most unnecessary) while some are self funded and manage to care for their own health with diet and natural care.


Part of the system, and the reason for this post, is the current push to trap the elderly into the medical system. I have seen it happen to long term patients of mine, who are/were vitally healthy and conned into believing the words “You need this.” It is no exaggeration to say I have lost count of the number of patients who were fit, vital, healthy and independent of medical intervention, yet within a matter of months and sometimes even weeks, were candidates for a nursing home.



It is now part of a doctors’ clinic receptionist’s duties to call the people on their designated seniors’ list once a month to con them into coming in. At face value that is :

a) good business

b) possibly caring

c) keeping an eye on their progress.

In reality what it really is :

a) siphoning regular Medicare money (some clinics have hundreds of elderly on their books)

b) keeping the elderly suitably drugged up and in their control and

c) and most sinister, whether wittingly or unwittingly, partaking in this toxic, eugenic plan to ‘cull’ the ageing population. Medications long since shelved due to toxicity and dangers are now being trotted back out to the elderly because ‘they don’t plan to have any more children’ and hey, if they die, they were old anyway….

Depression and chronic illness is now expected in old age. Keep me out of circulation, out of the sun, drugged up and eating what you pass as food and I’d be depressed and chronically ill too! But don’t worry, they are old – when the known side effects end their lives early, an autopsy won’t be performed, and it will just be added to that massive modern day outcome of ‘natural causes‘.



Make no mistake, euthanasia is alive and well – just not the way you think it is. Nitschke, who is risking all he has to help those with no way out aside from horrific suffering, to end their lives with dignity (something drummed into us during my training) is hounded in and out of courts while our Pharma-funded, government run ‘medical’ system is systematically killing off our elderly to ‘balance the books’…


Vaccines clearly advising not for use above the age of 45, are being administered ad hoc. “Oh, you haven’t had this one? Here you go.” No explanation, no reason given. Other than a little kickback at the end of the month. Research into aluminium and mercury adjuvants – a known cause of Alzheimers even in younger individuals, coupled with contra-indicated medications clash with a sickening thud, only to be ‘diagnosed’ as a new disorder and yet another medication – or institutionalisation results just to take care of that one.

“This’ll give her something to whinge about.”

“Well, she’s old, she’s going to die sooner rather than later.”

“At your age, you MUST have some symptoms. Here, have this. See you next month.”

  • all above comments I have overheard or had relayed to me by sound-of-mind individuals who just happen to be over 60.



If you have problems imagining this scenario, here are a few little tests you can run –

  • Sit outside any GP surgery any weekday morning, at 8:30am. See how many cars are already parked, with elderly occupants.
  • Ask your elderly friend/family member if they see the doctor’s visit as a social outing or event. Many do – because they no longer have a social network other than senior citizens if they are sociable.
  • Ask any senior citizen how many medications they take. I know very few who take none. Since the ageism government scam began, old age all of a sudden equated with chronic illness. Yet just 30 years ago, it was rare to see elderly on any medication.
  • Ask any senior citizen who uses alternative health care, if they are also paid to do so, or if they must pay out of their own pockets – and how much ‘cheaper’ it is to just use the PBS scheme.


The following cases are my own – a tiny fraction of what I have witnessed both during my nursing days and as a practitioner. Now, multiply it by the number of practitioners out there who really care, despite zero funding to actually take care, and their own patient numbers.


Case 1: “He’s old. Removing his shoulders is our only option. It’s okay, we have great nursing home facilities.”

Male, aged 69; unexplained shoulder pain, with fever spike regularly (every afternoon at 7:00 am and 5:30pm). I discussed this case with the attending doctor who admitted he was flabbergasted at the fever, or the cause of pain. That he believed it was Staph Aureus (golden staph) despite pathology showing NAD. My suggestion that the fever occurred every morning and afternoon proved there was a trigger, was met with a confused look. Then the penny dropped – after the medication round. He was reacting to the medication – something I learned about in my first few days in nursing school. The following is what was discussed after this – not word for word but to the best of my memory ;

“We’ll change his medication. We are having a meeting tonight but our only option at this stage is surgery.”


“No, amputation. We took into consideration that his ligaments and biceps have been severed through hard work. But he’s old. Removing his shoulders is our only option. It’s okay, we have great nursing home facilities.”

“You do realise, unless you have made great leaps in prosthetics since I was a nurse, that you will have to remove his arms in order to remove his shoulders?”

“We don’t know what else to do.”

“I do. This man still works outdoors. He still works out at his home gym. Put him in a nursing home and he’d be dead in 12 months.”

We discharged him, prescribed homœopathy to correct the inflammation and heal the tissue, gave him acupuncture twice a day for 14 days, restructured his gym to allow for the bicep damage and allow his triceps to take the burden. He is now 88, still works outdoors, still works out in his home gym and lives on an anti inflammatory diet, occasionally takes analgesics (he did, after all, snap not just his tendons but also his pelvis after a 10ft fall).

And he still loves at HOME.


Case 2: “You can’t afford $90 per tablet? Goodbye.”

Male, aged 68, type I diabetes, hoping to begin a healthy lifestyle after losing weight. Walked approx 5km daily, active in his garden, still able to climb ladders and do handiwork. I asked to look at his medication list and was shocked to see a list of 8 scheduled medications, more than one contraindicated and not safe to take with the other medications. This gent was a self funded retiree (just) and drove an hour each way to his preferred doctor in the Perth hills because he didn’t want to change, after being given the run around the few times he tried. This doctor had known him for over 20 years. Most of his symptoms were side effects of his medication and he was in a very bad way, declining rapidly. He would not agree to dietary change so I had to work around that obstacle.

He was reluctant to cease any medications so I sent him back to his doctor with the suggestions – end result was that he had cut out two of the unnecessary meds and I was able to give him acupuncture just once a week instead of daily. Unfortunately he suffered a serious fall from the roof and was admitted to hospital as he’d been injured badly. He was put onto more medications and was barely recognisable the next time I saw him.

He went back into hospital and had nerve re-sectioning to ‘remove the pain’. He was frail and was only able to take his pain medication once a week because he could only afford one tablet a week ($90 per tablet). So for 6 days out of 7 he shook with pain. His insulin dependence went up because of the drug side effects.

I took another look at his meds list and he was now on 9 medications, all interdependent or clashing with one another. He was now confined to bed most of the time and used a gopher to continue taking his dog for a walk, morning and night. He made a few dietary adjustments but it was too late. I watched as the side effects overcame him and he died, needlessly, in pain – because he could not afford decent care. I had given him free treatment for as long as I could but without funding it was impossible.


Case 3: “You had no right to stop your medications…Your pension will be stopped unless you follow my advice…You know we can forcibly have you put into care…”

Most people don’t realise that at least up until now, a doctor’s suggestions were not legal and binding orders. You have – or at least had a right to refuse and pursue other options. Most elderly people do not know this. They are intimidated with lines such as “Your pension will be stopped unless you follow my advice.”

Male, aged 74, history of tropical disease, onset parasitic illness in Africa. Long term effects, renal and cardiac damage, diabetes type II and deafness. he existed on a nutrient deficient, high white starch/fat/dairy/meat diet and his medical team had not offered any advice by way of a healthy diet. I was called out over a long weekend, as is usually the case with new patients. He was wealthy, self funded, had optimum health insurance, yet had the health of someone who could not afford health care.

His medication list read like a dispensary. Something for the kidney damage which in turn caused pancreatitis and triggered diabetes. Insulin and Metformin which in turn caused IBS, muscle cramping, poor sleep, confusion, depression and tremors. From this, he was on analgesics, antacids, low sodium, cramp medication, sleeping tablets, Alzheimer’s meds and antidepressants. The side effects were as obvious as they were obscene – but all ‘perfectly normal’ according to his GP.

His daughter had taken his blood pressure and blood sugar and both were dangerously high (200/120 and 30 respectively). He refused to go back to the hospital as he had the whole family over for the weekend and wanted to at least try my help as most of his family were now my patients. I began by administering acupuncture to bring about homœostasis of both BP and BSL.

Within 15 minutes he was back to ‘normal’ and I prescribed a homœopathic remedy to balance his sugar, thin his blood and reduce venous tension. He was very wary, very old school and unusually devoted to his medical team. He was also started on herbal medicine to balance his endocrine system and minor alterations were made to his diet.

I saw him just 6 weeks later and had not needed insulin or metoformin for 3 weeks and was on his way to see his GP; planning to ask him which other medications he could cease as he was no longer shaking, was sleeping well, his blood pressure was in the normal range, he had no cramps and was thinking and speaking clearly.

I didn’t see him for another 6 weeks. He was so frail! He had gained weight, was in a wheelchair, was profoundly deaf and not able to talk. I spoke to his wife and daughter – at that planned appointment, the doctor had been visibly irate rather than pleased.  “You had no right to stop your medications!” He was given a large dose of insulin then and there, went into a diabetic coma and was rushed from the doctor’s surgery to the hospital. No dietary advice, reassessment of the existing medications and a few more, and enough fear put into him to make him think he would be forcibly put into a nursing home if he did not comply.


I did intend to add more case histories but there are just too many, like the man recovering from cancer who, rather than be complimented on his improvement using natural therapies, the doctor gave him a massive dose of morphine which killed him within less than 15 minutes. ‘He was old, he was sick.”

Or the 85 year old who was phoned by the medical receptionist and told he had to come in for a checkup or face losing his pension. The doctor was incredulous that he was not on any prescription medication.

“At your age, you must be! You need blood pressure, cholesterol and heart medication. Here, take this and I will see you in two weeks.” If that poor man had followed those instructions he would not have lasted two weeks! He called me in tears, he had taken just two doses of each medication on the first day, as instructed, and gone to bed.

He woke up feeling dizzy and nauseous and tried to stand up – his feet were so swollen he fell over. He made it to the bathroom and his face was black from bruising. His vision was blurred and in just the few steps to get to his bathroom he began suffering palpitations and chest pains. All side effects of these medications that he ‘must’ have. In this instance I believe it was courtesy of the current situation that has our AMA believing immigrant doctors are somehow not as good as Australian doctors.

They are sent to rural areas and must meet quotas in order to qualify for city placements. I have been informed of this by more than one doctor. Some return to their own country, others conform. I am yet to meet a single immigrant doctor who is less qualified or impressive than our own. In fact I would argue that most are still not damaged or corrupted.

In this poor man’s case, I advised over the phone to stop the medications immediately and go to see the doctor. His response? “See, I told you that you needed medicine, you are so sick!” Needless to say, he did not go back, nor did he take the medication that he did not need.


I have seen elderly given contraindicated medicine that  was killing them, and with the family’s support have put them on a regimen that improved their health to a level not seen in decades. In one instance, when a doctor found out, he put her back on the medicine by actually telling her it was something else. She went into a coma and died the next day. When questioned, he said, “She was elderly. I told you she was going to die.”

Group of older mature people lifting weights in the gym
Group of older mature people lifting weights in the gym

These stories in my own experience could fill many volumes. But the aged care system is such that we can only chip away at the edges in the hope that we can make a small difference.

In 2015, mushrooming industries based around the ‘ageing population’ are overtaking any other industry. Every second advert on TV is about some Over 55s living centre, or funeral insurance. “Come on, hurry up people!”


Despite extensive research showing the dangers of vaccinating the elderly, they are being systematically used as guinea pigs. If/when they die, it’s okay – they’re old, right? Yes, I have heard research scientists say this very thing when summing up last ditch attempts to fast track medications – especially vaccines. Every media story advises the elderly to get their flu shot – yet package inserts warn against this.

Proposal - June 24-25

Few seem interested in changing it – until it begins happening to them and by then, it’s too late. Politicians don’t give it a second thought – their fat pensions will ensure they have private care for the remainder of their lives. Any ethical doctor or nurse should forget about trying to change the culture. It’s fit in or get out.

And where are the disinterested, over-prescribing doctors in all of this? Probably the same place they were when that Charge Nurse spoke to us all those years ago….




Why are weightloss companies failing you?


Anyone who has ever known me or been a patient knows my dislike for weight watching/weight loss groups, programs or plans – especially those advised by pharma, doctors or well known companies. Why?

Because pharma is not trained in health or diet; doctors do 6 hours of nutrition courses in their entire training (equivalent of a fraction of high school human biology); companies are set up purely to make money. Treatments to supposedly help someone lose weight are invariably temporary – and come laden with side effects.

Untrained distributors attend rah-rah meetings and learn how to flog products. Nothing gets me going faster than seeing someone struggling with health, flogging health products – or struggling with weightloss, flogging weightloss products.


ANY diet set out just to lose weight is doomed to fail you in some way or another. If not, surely every thin person would be free of sickness or chronic disease? That is simply not true. Likewise, it’s not about calories, food pyramid or 5 food groups – these little games were made up by people who had something to gain – usually fame and money – and they have led many generations down a slippery slope of ill health and obesity.


Likewise, losing weight rapidly like big budget TV weightloss type shows advocate are riddled with issues – starvation tactics are shocking to the body; they do not teach you how to interact with the real healing food; joint/muscle/bone injuries and damage are rife; the organ damage inflicted by such trauma and shock is not a one-off or temporary. It’s permanent. While the makeover end results are great and nice to see, it’s the punishment and self doubt that is soul destroying. And sadly, down the track only a fraction are successful.


The good news is that there IS a diet that heals, rebuilds at a cellular level AND weightloss is just a welcome side effect. Keep reading to find out how…


It’s no secret that obese people are among the most malnourished despite the amount of food consumed.There is SO much you can do to get to your ideal weight BUT it must revolve around HEALTH. Healthy living, healthy habits, healthy lifestyle. And for most, these things are alien. So, what to do?

vegan 6.jpg

1. Get alkaline – for any body to be healthy, it must be alkaline – otherwise you are ageing rapidly, acid is increasing your chance of chronic illness, cancer, emotional/psychiatric illness, organ damage and yes, obesity. This point also rings true for people who cannot gain weight. See my links at HERE and link below for the CHAPS eating plan which is a food preparation and diet plan based on Dr Robert Young’s incredible research over many decades and hundreds of thousands of cases, all based around a neutral pH.

0 7 detox

2. Get moving – for some this is very difficult – but even passive exercise will help. It can be as simple as walking outside. In fact, get that vitamin D into you – it is going to have many more benefits than sitting inside thinking about it. Find an exercise program based around your life or abilities. There is an exercise program for us all – it should not be painful, other than occasional muscle burn. If you are confused, see a physio who teaches clinical pilates which will help your health as well as your body. Smashing and pounding your body at a gym may work for a while if you are inspired, but for most a gym membership is a waste.


3. Stop bad habits – do you drink sugary coke? Coffee? Lots of alcohol? Choc milks or iced coffee? STOP! Don’t cut down – it’s not about moderation – it’s about doing ALL you can to undo the damage you have already inflicted. It’s your only chance on your only body – it’s up to you, not some magical medical procedure or side-effect laden pill.


4. Find your ‘instead’ – so if you eat a lot of bread, find something else to eat instead – gluten, the protein in wheat and a few other grains, is one of the worst things you can do for your health – pain, inflammation, weight gain, digestive upset, etc. Cut it completely. Find a gluten free bread or crackers – and even luscious snacks by all means but it’s only bad habits that dictate that we must eat it with every meal. Change that habit. If you reach for table salt every meal, use Himalayan salt instead – full of electrolytes and actually good for your cells. If you reach for sugar to go with everything, make sure it’s stevia or xylitol instead. Ask what your INSTEAD is with every single habit and choice. Just because it has the dodgy healthy heart tick or weight watchers stamp of approval does not make it healthy. People actually sit around board tables discussing how to do grant proposals to set these ridiculous programs up. The latest one in Australia is probably the worst yet – Milo gets a top mark for health and wellbeing. Are you kidding me? With actors as usual, faking some form of health and fitness background. By the way, you can still get your chocolate fix


5. Water – yes, this suggestion has been done to death. That is because it’s a valid one! Did you know, if you feel thirsty, your body is already dehydrated? Your brain is the last organ to recognise thirst but once you feel thirsty your body is already in panic mode and going through damaging chemical reactions to cope – and your brain is past needing water – it actually begins to dry out and shrink. Drink water all day, even if you have to sip it. No, don’t add sugary cordials. And no, coffee or tea is not water. Stop tainting it! The only thing I ever suggest going into your water is lemon or lime juice. And for every ‘other’ drink you have – whether it’s alcohol, coffee, tea, iced drinks, fizzy drinks, etc – you need at least another cup of water instead – to undo the damage. While I don’t advocate alcohol, I know in the real world people drink it – so choose less sugary options. Without sugary fizzy additive drinks – instead, use soda water and a dash of fresh lemon or lime. Water down wine with soda water. Instead of club lemon, how about fresh lemon?NOT sugar.


6. Herbal teas – did you know, you can actually treat your health almost 100% through well chosen herbal teas? Okay so you’d really have to like tea to do that (luckily I have learned to love it) but yes, it can be done. Appetite suppressing tea, energising tea, sleep-inducing tea, lymphatic flushing tea, and so on. There are even fasting teas that help you to go without food… Just a few easy-to-make-at-home ideas (no sweetener or milk):

  • Ginger – balances hormones, soothes/heals digestion, achey joints (grate 1 teaspoon or 1 teaspoon dried, into cup hot water)
  • Parsley – flushes kidneys, clears fluid and acidity (1 teaspoon in hot water with lemon juice)
  • Rosemary – period pain, concentration and antibacterial (1 sprig in hot water)
  • Lemon grass – clears skin and blood (finely chop approx 1 teaspoon and add to hot water)
  • Sage – hormone balancing, calming (1 teaspoon in hot water)
  • Rooibos – tonic (as per directions – no milk)
  • Slippery elm – soothes stomach pain (1 teaspoon in hot water, mix well)
  • Lemon and cayenne – increases thermogenic processes (half teaspoon cayenne in half cup hot water, dash lemon juice)
  • Aloe vera – soothes digestion, skin, great laxative (squeeze contents of a 1 inch slice of aloe leaf into hot water and lemon juice)
  • Psyllium – clears bowel (1 teaspoon dissolved in hot water, with lemon)


7. Fasting – yes, you heard right. Did you know why ‘break-fast’ is named just so? Because it is meant to be the breaking of the fast. As in you should not have eaten since daybreak the previous day. And yes, that means nothing except water. Few live by this healthy rule any longer. And did you know that contrary to popular folk lore (aka modern day health advice) it does not mean shovel in as many calories as you can? It means eating healthy to fuel your body – FYI fatty food and starchy processed carbs do not fuel your body. So how do you fast? Every night eat a light meal and lots of water.


weight 4

Do not get up and have that midnight snack – make sure there is NOTHING in the fridge or pantry that resembles the life you now lead. The most astounding thing is, yes, you can have ice-cream or cake even – which tastes even better than what you now know as those foods (see free recipe page here – click on photos, albums and recipes are attached to each photo in each section).

In the morning, start with a drink of water with lemon added. If you have digestive problems, have some slippery elm to line the entire GI tract. If you suffer constipation, soak some psyllium in a tall glass of water and allow to soak up – then drink. Either dissolved in hot water or eaten off the spoon, coconut oil will flush not just cellulite but plaque from the bowel.

A detox 3

Then have a smoothie – or a freshly squeezed juice – have both if you have a large appetite or demanding day. If cereal and fruit is your thing, try raw muesli. They will give you more nutrients than any other diet possible. So, by doing this you are fasting every single night – hopefully for 12 hours – so 6 to 6, 7 to 7, or 8 to 8 and so on. And try an easy, occasional fast for real. You will need more preparation for this but you will find more here – HERE


8. Natural supplements to help heal and rebuild your body – ask yourself why health nuts are usually thin and healthy ‘looking’ – we’re not lucky magical people. Most of us have a chronically ill past but just decided enough was enough. We eat well, even if we feel like gorging some days. We stick to healthy habits – it takes some effort but it’s worth it. We don’t rely on medications to keep us alive – even if some of us did once. We just find a healthy new way to live. As in really live, not just exist.


Everything I recommend is vegan, organic and ethically sourced – all done for you – and postage from this company (now my chosen supplier due to low costs) is just a few dollars no matter where you are. It’s all affordable – far moreso than buying more food than any of us need every day. So what supplements can help you? There are just so many – find the ones that will help you but please, start with the superfood tonics, healthy foods, superfoods, high nutrients – the stuff that health is made from –

a) Appetite suppressant (healthy kind) – HERE
b) Digestive/vital organ tonic/thyroid tonic/lymphatic flush – HERE
c) Fat burning/metaboliser (non chemical) – HERE
d) Thermogenic/detox tea – HERE
e) Sugar/fat metabolism – HERE
f) Superfood/tonic/vitamin/antioxidant/herbal (vital) – HERE
g) Trace elements/minerals/energy (vital) – HERE
h) Essential fatty acids/Omegas 3/6/9 – HERE
i) Superfood meal replacement – HERE

– none of the above have the same bad side effects that are linked to so many pharma-based diet pills and treatments. They simply work. It’s not about the latest fad, or the VLCD which is a starvation diet that your body is going to rebel against; ever noticed why all these poor girls, excited about ‘advising’ you on TV ads, still carrying the extra weight – are nowhere to be seen down the track? When it fails they simply find another girl to do the ad, and so on.


(See Elizabeth’s before an after pics above)

If weightloss comes without health, what is the point? I’ve lost count of the number of weightloss patients who came to me AFTER they lost the weight and were seriously ill. Get healthy – weightloss will follow.

See here for the diet to end all diets. It will take you through a step by step programme that will change your life forever.


  • When you place your order via iHerb, be sure to check that the referral code LSH273 appears at checkout to receive another $10US off your total order (first order only).

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No Jab, No Pay : Australia’s Government Mandated Terrorism

How absolutely fitting that the focus of the current terror campaign by the media is on France, where terror originated. How sad that as the Australian government wages a ‘war on terror’ they are in reality waging a war on the health and very lives of our children and elderly – under our noses. *



According to the FBI : “Terrorism is the unlawful use of force and violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives.”

According to Dictionary.com : “The use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce…the state of fear and submission produced by terrorism or terrorization.

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Origin of the Word TERRORISM OR ‘THE TERROR’

According to the Oxford Dictionary, the initial use of the words Terror was actually a GOVERNMENT INTIMIDATION used by the French Government which lead to the French Revolution. How odd then, that as our western governments focus on France as the centre of the current ‘terror’ situation, they are systematically waging a war against the most fragile groups in today’s world – children and the elderly.


Memorise these words in italics. Mark them. Research them. And then compare them to the following information.

Forget that we are already facing a tidal wave within a relatively small community, of forced homelessness, poverty, suicide and ostracisation as an increasing number of parents discover (the hard way) the ‘rare’ side effects of these ticking time bombs. Forget that our troops are legal, mandatory guinea pigs for vaccines considered too toxic for use on the civilian population (see my other post on this subject with list of vaccines).


Bound by law within our own Constitution, it is written :

Our government prohibits civil conscription in order to receive welfare or childcare benefits (Section 51, 23A).”

Bound by law by international human rights laws (Article 6, section 1 of Universal Declaration of Bioethics and Human Rights) as stated: “Any preventative, diagnostic and/or medical intervention is only to be carried out with the prior, free and informed consent of the person concerned, based on adequate information. This consent cannot be coerced out of any individual by way of financial blackmail.”

Even within our own government vaccine handbook (which no doubt is now being re-written as fast as documents, websites and public information on vaccine facts are being erased) it is stated:

For consent to be legally valid, the following elements must be present: It must be given voluntarily, in the absence of undue pressure, coercion or manipulation.”



Like all terrorists, our government is aware of these facts. Submissions made in order to plead, question and halt the go-ahead of the No Jab No Pay Act were either ignored or our politicians are selectively illiterate. Not only was the Act rushed through prior to all submissions (many of which were not accepted through a convenient game of pedantics – officially hundreds, however behind-the-scenes investigations estimate thousands) our politicians ignored thousands of vaccine injury cases and deaths to hurry the Act through parliament. In a democracy, we are looking more and more like a dictatorship.

CHALLENGE OUR LEADERS TO TAKE ALL THE VACCINES IN ADULT DOSES TODAY  by hovering over the orange letters, click to petition and take action. Please also read personal stories of those affected.



Most will say no. But then most are not familiar with the small print of vaccine research, which is not available to the general public. Yet the act of vaccination physically hurts a child, with the belief that it is for the greater good. The following are injuries sustained from the act of vaccination – step away from the scene and transpose the result into another scenario. For argument’s sake, let’s compare it to a siege – which it would be in any other media-led propaganda breaking-news story.

In ANY other situation, one would believe it is indeed an act of terror –

  • Violence
  • Intimidation
  • Coercion
  • Force
  • Threats
  • Fear
  • Submission
  • Injury

The habit of the government to vilify and hound whistleblowers through the court system, even to their untimely deaths is another act of terrorism that goes on unhindered. Dr Archie Kalokerinos exposed acts of terrorism against Indigenous babies – his decades of study should have been a red flag for the government to work out the real reason infant mortality among our Indigenous was/is/always has been (since invasion) so high. But in 2015, medical students are now taught that he was a ‘baby killer’ – such is the clever spin of a clever government.


Truthfully if Every Second Child were to die in ANY other sector of the community (think wealthy western suburbs of Perth) imagine the outcry against this terror. If Fiona Stanley, (who refused point blank to even consider the mass murders going on in WA’s Kimberley even in the 80s when I lobbied media, PMH and government to what I personally saw and lost my career over), saw this happen to any group today I am sure she would receive another massive grant or even have a hospital named in her honour. Oh wait….



Officially, the vaccine reporting system screens (filters) reports made by parents. Instead, only a portion of injuries are reported by doctors – usually only due to active lobbying and insistence by the parents involved. True stats are not available to the public – and people who do make reports are hounded and stalked – terrorised. Deaths are usually attributed to other causes – including innocent parents. Sometimes they even put a formerly healthy baby’s death down to natural causes. What is natural about the death of a baby who was healthy prior to the doctor’s visit? Mostly ‘good’ lawyers will find a hole in the family’s lifestyle – their religion, their diet (especially if vegan or vegetarian) – even their nationality.



What more violent, forceful and terrifying than a cerebral reaction so severe that it literally explodes an infant’s brain? Rather than admit this reaction, a new syndrome was invented (shaken baby syndrome) – government cover ups are not new – but these are newborn babies!

The history of vaccination is not the ‘great discovery’ that the media would have us believe. It was protested by ethical health experts from the start. It killed and maimed from the start.



I am sure that any educated person, or individuals wanting to understand the fuss, would see the following, which is just a fragment of the warnings included on package inserts of vaccines given to newborns and elderly especially, as acts of terror.

The following list includes only the violent results of vaccine injury, not accounting for slow burn reactions or reports that people are now being forcefully vaccinated at gunpoint in many parts of the world (we’re too civilised to do that in Australia. We just rob and bribe them while forcing them onto the streets).

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  • Brain haemorrhage
  • Pain – acute and ongoing
  • Bleeding
  • Brain damage
  • Spontaneous miscarriage
  • Stillbirth
  • Brain swelling
  • Paralysis
  • Infertility
  • Cerebral injury resulting in seizures
  • Sudden death
  • Use of aborted fœtus cell lines
  • Contain listed/scheduled poisons
  • Rapid onset Alzheimers


In acts or terror – even if there are one or two deaths, it is a national emergency, affecting every TV station, every newspaper and every conversation. Everyone becomes paranoid and thinks it could happen to them. Yet vaccine injury, suffering and death happen every single day en masse and the very people who attempt to warn others are labelled lunatics or even baby killers.


As children we learn to identify bullies, understand stranger danger and eventually learn to discern right from wrong/good from bad/truth from lies. All of this is based on education, guidance and what we see/read/hear. In 2015, our entire media coverage is based on what a very small, controlling minority want us to see/read/hear. It affects our parents, our teachers, leaders and eventually, us. Without even understanding, we believe it – in fact our whole life is based on this.

STAND UP FOR YOUR CHILD’S LIFE – SIGN AND SHARE THIS PETITION TO GET EVERY LEADER TO VACCINATE IN PUBLIC by hovering over the orange letters, click to petition and take action. Please also read personal stories of those affected.

Would you agree to be led by someone you love and trust, into a room with a stranger and allow them to hurt you? Yet we stand there with our children and FORCE them to let this happen, despite their screams. And when they get that fever, or rash, or suffer seizures, we tell them it’s for their own good? How can children discern between good and bad, truth and lies when their own parents can’t even see it?


How can it be, that parents are in jail for manslaughter of their babies, while the real killers continue on their very legal, heavily pharma/government funded rampage?

How can it be, that parents plead with doctors that their former perfectly healthy baby was vaccine injured, only to be dismissed and forced to continue to repeat those vaccines?

How can it be, that educated, dedicated health experts either fail in their duty of care, or choose to ignore what is in front of them – choosing to coerce and scare parents – against their wishes – to poison their children?

How can it be, that educated, pro active parents (some who have learned the hard way) can be forced to allow strangers who are free from liability, to use their children as guinea pigs? Government websites now advise fabricated ‘facts’ to scare parents into believing that their children are not safe or healthy unless they are full of these poisons. That they will die if they are not poisoned. That somehow, God left out one factor – the immune system. If so safe, why do all vaccine advisory sites and pamphlets offer emergency advice similar to what is on offer by chemical and nuclear plants?


Terrorists believe they are doing something for a reason. They believe it. Their violent and vulgar acts kill dozens, hundreds – occasionally thousands. Vaccine injury kills thousands every single year. Just like there are secret associations which log and follow terrorism, there is a secret association which follows vaccine injury – including death.


We are not talking about rashes or fevers or even a little swelling. We are talking deaths as a direct result of something pretending to be ‘good’ for us – there for the ‘greater good’.

  • Over 1200 infant deaths every year in Australia (Source ABS 2006b).
  • Minimum of 5% of these deaths are attributed to SIDS.
  • 47% of all childhood deaths are related to query vaccine related causes (juvenile cancer, neurological damage).
  • Over 300,000 Australian children are disabled (neurological damage).

The Australian Government is in the throes of active terrorism.

I challenge our media, legal experts, leaders with the guts to take a stand, parents and health experts across the country to expose and act against the decision in unison. If they can overthrow a government overnight, if they can change leadership 6 times in 5 years, if they can blatantly ignore their own Constitution, they can overthrow a poorly-made decision.

And they can protect the citizens of their nation from the pharma-funded terrorism.



This is just for one year – in Australia alone – and these are only the ones officially ‘agreed’ to by medical experts. Please bear in mind the number of terror-related injuries and deaths are but a fraction of the vaccine-related injuries and deaths – (source – TGA) – it’s interesting to see the low number of deaths on official records considering the number of parents reporting otherwise –

VACCINE                    INJURY                    DEATH
Hib                        870                       3
Flu                        644                       1
DTP                        2211                      2
MMR                        1151                      2
BCG                        52                        0
Rotavirus                  781                       2
HPV                        879                       0
Hep B                      113                       0
Polio                      14                        0
Pneumococcal               1194                      2
Varicella                  223                       0
Hep A                      51                        0
Vit K#                     2                         1

(#Not a vaccine but has somehow slipped through the medical ethics net and is now believed by parents to be a vaccination and ‘urgently needed’ in every birth).

  • The above stats were of healthy individuals
  • The above stats were not sick prior to vaccinations
  • The above stats were a select portion of actual reports

Even with these watered down (but still astounding) results three things must be clearly considered – and will be, by intelligent, objective individuals –

1) These stats are for Australia alone, in just one year

2) They far eclipse all terrorist activity as reported in the media

3) The reports in the media of other terrorist activity is reported for the ‘wellbeing of the public’ yet the same respect is not afforded to unwitting parents of children, and families of elderly who are succumbing at an alarming rate.


The nation does not come to a standstill each time someone dies of vaccine injury.

No awards are given to survivors or parents of those who were killed by vaccine injury.

Lives are dispensable ‘for the greater good’. (Research scientist’s words,  not mine.)

Help us put the spotlight on the illegal activity of the Australian government. This new No Jab No Pay policy is in contravention of the Australian Constitution. If vaccines are so safe, so effective, then the decision makers, vaccine manufacturers, media heads and all their families won’t mind taking this challenge. Sign and share IMMEDIATELY

*Sad little men in black suits playing CIA games (ASIO) are well aware of the hacking/alerts going on if someone so much sniffs at the thought of investigating vaccine injury. Try it – go onto any government website and search every vaccine – you will be lucky to get through the first half dozen before your computer goes haywire. Coincidence…..

For safe, affordable, effective and ethical home health care, be pro active for your family’s health now.














Vaccination Truth


As a former nurse, researcher, writer and natural health practitioner, my dealings with vaccination went far deeper than most medical experts could claim – personally and professionally. This post was triggered by an episode of one of my favourite TV series – Bramwell…

If you get to read the original history of vaccination, it soon becomes more evident that it was a political stunt and little to do with results. The UK show Bramwell – episode 3.9 – dealt with this very thing.

It was validating but also frustrating that this has been known for so long – yet even our most ‘learned’ experts are too dense (or well paid) to understand or work out for themselves.

This is well worth the watch – as in really worth it. If you link it to the heartbreaking Raggedy-Ann story in the same era, it’s a stark in-yo-face dose of reality!

Most of all, Bramwell is possibly the BIGGEST anti-establishment, non-conformist show ever – fought racism, sexism, pædophilia, slavery, child slavery, workplace conditions, poverty – and spat in the face of governments and gentry of the time. Exactly what someone like me needs in her corner.

This particular episode showed right from the start, most intellects were staunchly opposed to immunisation – or innoculation, as it began its life. Money and politics won the day, not improved health – sanitation was the number one factor in our health ‘change’ – and improved diet – but don’t let those little unimportant factors sway a trillion dollar industry…

View episode here

So, what is the story behind Raggedy-Ann I hear you say… As with modern day disease such as ebola and HIV – with more opposition from the experience, research and educated corner than support, it’s still money and politics winning the day. Life – the very thing they are meant to be defending in accordance with the Hippocratic oath, is expendable. A eugenic society – far from a conspiracy theory, is alive, well and very successful. Your child’s life means little to that noble lab-coated science boffin – and even less to the fat-cat pharma reps. Doctors, nurses and untrained reps make brilliant puppets.

Read true Rageddy Ann story here

So by now you are asking – ‘where is the hard core scientific proof?’ Believe it or not – there is possibly more scientific proof in existence than that which supposedly proves otherwise. There are more legal experts with cold hard knowledge of what goes on out of the media glare. The only difference? One has money – the other goes begging. YOU are the only one who has a say over your body – not that hard-nose behind the desk denying dangers despite even vaccine package inserts clearly stating them.


Your doctor’s honesty – How much does your doctor get paid to jab?

Just how easy is it for medicine to abandon vaccine injury? Vaccine injury court cases

HPV dangers ignored – HPV deadly effects ignored

Hep B dangers – Truth here

Auto-immune/inflammatory illness – Read facts here


Auto-immune causes – proof of vaccine links

Aluminium toxicity via vaccines –  Read facts here

More on aluminium toxicity – Read facts here

Nervous system damage by MMR – Research facts here

Damage to your child’s brain and nervous system – http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/…
More on your child’s ‘unexplained’ symptoms – http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/…
When your doctor says your child cannot get whooping cough from the vaccine – Shedding facts
Autism – Autism facts
Narcolepsy – What really causes it

Independent studies – read facts here

Whooping cough – Read facts here

Destroyed immunity – Show your friends this

Legal and research informative book – http://www.amazon.com/…/ref=as_sl_pc_qf_sp_asin_til…

Real safety of vaccinations – http://mothernatureandyou.wordpress.com/…/no-vaccine-is-sa…/


Foetal tissue in vaccines – http://www.collective-evolution.com/2014/09/05/human-fetal-dna-fragments-in-vaccines-are-a-possible-cause-for-autism-according-to-this-stanford-scientist/

Admissions by experts – Hear experts actually tell the truth

So, once your eyes are opened, how do you argue against the onslaught? After all, everyone is an expert – even when they’re not! http://preventdisease.com/…/102809_9_arguments_to_win…

Vaccines for no reason? Fake disease, fake vaccine

Military murder – Killing our heroes

Febrile seizures (? epilepsy trigger?) – Who is at fault?

How to stand for your rights – Learn how here

Your rights – or lack of – Your child is not safe – or yours

Hoaxes, ebola and enterovirus – Fake diseases

The absolute con of modern medicine – Why do they lie?


I would need an entire blog to list all the studies and stories. Please use this to begin your search and log the proof of what will hopefully become your stand and your child’s life.

If you know someone who is already vaccine injured, please see my other posts – especially on vaccine case studies, chronic illness and CFS.

Further research is readily available – via the links (some will need to be copied and pasted) – make sure you save them and keep searching –

Take a stand

Nurses against ALL vaccines

World leading authority

(please consider homoeopathic immunisation).

And what of that little R word – RIGHTS ???

Most doctors will not officially file your report of vaccine injury – hence the 1 in a million catch cry from any health professional who does not care enough about your child’s health (or your rights). Behind the scenes (not officially reported) stats sit at less than 1 in 100. Then comes the usual ‘Oh but they are just minor cases’ – yet those official reports only record minor cases. All the SIDS, SBS and so forth does not go on record. And rather than listen to the conscience that was consumed prior to the fat GP paycheques, they dismiss any fearful parent’s questions with ‘there are no definitive studies that prove it is caused by vaccine’ – what, even if 5 seconds before that shot, even you said it was the healthiest baby you had seen? Even if in doubt, why push something SO risky, so capable of taking health – and life – why not investigate instead of turning your back?

Well, YOU can report – don’t leave it up to your doctor. Take the forms in – demand they are signed or you will contact a current affairs and news shows. You will sue personally for negligence – did your doctor advise of the actual ingredients? Aborted human fœtus, questionable chemicals, known allergens? Will they sign THIS form that advises you 100% that your child will not be damaged – in the event of said damage, your doctor will agree to be 100% liable?

Download here – No doctor will sign this – try it – please let me know if your doctor signs – I am yet to hear of a single signature.

And what of the official vaccine report of your child’s injury – did you ask your doctor if it was done? Chances are it was not – ask them to sign this as proof your child was injured – Ask your doctor to sign this as well

And then we come to what YOU can do – this page has relevant links – YOU make an official report. Let’s get those stats on a more even playing field before it’s too late – How to report adverse events (your doctor wont!)

The sad truth is, our government, media and online sources are removing more and more content – making it impossible to share. Feel free to share your vaccine injury stories below.

Sources –

National Vaccine Information Center –www.NVIC.ORG and facebook page

VASA – Vaccine Awareness South Africa – here

Help us CHALLENGE the Australian government by putting a spotlight on their illegal activity. After all, it goes against their own rules in our Constitution and the UNESCO guidelines of human rights.

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Cancer – beat it at home


Yes, you heard right. The sad truth about the cancer industry is that research and anecdotally, most orthodox therapies have been proven to be barely effective at best, extremely toxic to life, and could be killing more people than all the various cancers put together.

The simple thing to remember is that while experts are busy dividing and conquering, baffling the public with science, and planting just enough doubt, cancer is cancer – meaning it is acidic. Tumours and blood cancer, as well as lymphatic cancer alike, are all the effects of acidic lifestyle – be it emotions, chemically induced, diet induced or parasites, we must know this one thing –



So if you take away the acid, you take away the effects on bodily tissues. The first step is to become alkaline (see my posts on this subject). Meanwhile you can take many measures to heal tissue and boost the effects of the alkaline steps.

Many therapies exist that are tonic toward the body, encouraging healing – be it Cassie Tea, Graviola, homœopathy, acupuncture (especially surrounding the dragon), massage, or supplementation, each step is a positive one.


And the baking soda protocol is going to make your body inhospitable to cancer cells – minus the myriad side effects that you’d see with orthodox methods.

Your house, as well as your body, needs to be detoxed – begin with your pantry and your cleaning cupboard.

Foods to throw out NOW –

Sugar and all foods containing various forms of sugar
Dairy – regardless of form
Wheat and all flour-containing foods
Table salt and all associated foods
Animal fats and all animal/flesh/blood containing foods of all species

Replace with – (please see my post under food and diet for more instructions re these foods) –

Sugar (purest form of acid = inflammation and cancer) – it is best to go 100% without sugar but less acidic options which are part of the 20% allowance (with 80% being alkaline foods) – stevia is a fair replacement if you must have sugar. And an allowance for the baking soda protocol. You will need to read labels stricter than ever before as insidious sugars like corn syrup are in just about everything – on that note, go fresh and organic if you can.

Dairy (mucosa irritant of the worst kind – attacks every mucous membrane, impairing healing and irritating cell linings) – by referring to a rawfood page like Sunny Raw Kitchen or Russell James’ site – or Shelley Young’s cookbook, you will, like most of us, be astounded at just what can be made without dairy – icecream, cream, mayonnaise, milk, dressings, butter – and you’d be hard pressed to detect that there is no dairy.

Wheat – like corn syrup, wheaten flour is in everything. It is not a health food, nor is it necessary as ‘part of a balanced diet’ – gluten intolerance now affects most of us in varying ways. It is high acid and irritates every cell in your body. In fact, by removing wheat and wheat containing products alone, many people report removal of pain that even analgesia could not do. It does take some time, just bear in mind that giving up wheat for one day is not going to be very beneficial. Gluten free foods are available today and you can buy gluten free flours for home cooking.

Table salt – is so highly processed that there is little beneficial mineral content remaining. It builds high levels of sodium as your body fights to remove what is not needed and like anything, too much of one thing is toxic and results in imbalance. Regardless of whether you are on a low sodium diet or not, Himalayan salt or river salt is a MUST – it contains good electrolyte levels – in balance – and will actively flush high sodium from your body. Any food prepared with salt on the label belongs in the bin. Sprinkle beneficial salt onto your food prior to eating rather than cooking in it (sodium present during cooking, at levels enforced by table salt, will leech vital nutrients which go down the drain. On that note, steaming is the kindest way to cook vegetables but the best way to source nutrients is eating them raw or juiced – or in a raw smoothie.

Animal-derived foods – one thing I need to mention is the heavy promotion of meat based products, gelatine, etc. Big money exchanges hands – this covers cookbooks, education, even training of nutritionists and diet advisory groups. It has zero to do with health benefits – in fact, most nutrition and cook books are funded and written by the various meat boards. Our bodies cannot assimilate flesh, it is that simple. Animal derived foods are highly acidic and cause inflammation immediately.

Many cancer forms are connected to high meat intake and even if you only eat it occasionally, to have cancer your body is already highly acidic – meat intake will simply ensure that pH level remains dangerously low. Unfortunately this also includes eggs – which are not only carriers of an alarming number of parasites (all cancer involves myriad parasitic levels) but are highly acidic in their own right. There are many meat alternatives now on shelves – and with a little forethought you can make your own alternatives. Please see my upcoming post on the food and diet thread for food replacements – and a food list is available on the same thread (link below).

One of the most common comments I get on eating this way is ‘It’s too expensive’ – I get that, but if you consider the amount of food you will no longer be buying, and allow your brain to rethink where your grocery money should go, you will realise that it’s not expensive at all.

See the food pyramid below – contrary to what we are taught at school and even during medical training, the basis of all food consumption should be green, fresh and if possible, raw –

Best of all, there is minimal cost, no crippling side effects and it can be done at home. Please message if you have any questions. More on detoxing the house on my toxic homes thread. This is vital as we are exposed to a veritable cocktail of chemicals every day – most are carcinogenic.

More on what foods to eat and why here – please feel free to print off and refer to as needed.

For a personalised online assessment, please head to the page – and complete here – it will individualise your protocol and needs – including patients who decide to also use orthodox treatment methods.


To purchase the full diet protocol, please head to this page.















HPV & Cancer


If any parent can read the following (as in actually read it, including all the highlighted links) and still subject their teenage children to this modern day torture, I will formally give up on humanity’s common sense.

If you have agreed to your child having the vaccine, why? Come on, you must know WHY you are doing it? You must also know what’s in it?  If this recent schoolyard conversation are anything to go by, neither parents or the kids being jabbed have a clue.

“You’re not vaccinated? You HAVE to get vaccinated.”
“No, I’ve never even had a needle.”
“You have to have the HPV this year. It has cancer cells in it and that protects us from cancer. We need it to be healthy.”

Research any cancer website, ask any doctor and you WILL be told that the HPV virus causes cervical cancer – every time. End of story. Did you know that is still only a hypothesis? And what if some doctors know this – but most do not?


At school we were taught that a hypothesis must be proven or disproven. Pretty sure this is still taught at university although what I have heard of late, maybe not. Yet, before this has been proven, girls and now boys are being poisoned with a known toxic killer, in the belief that they are protecting their children from something they can still develop even if fully vaccinated.


HPV vaccine reaction is not a rarity. In fact, almost every country now has a register that both government and medical authorities ignore – along with international support groups overflowing with tragedy and fatality.

UK  –  Ireland

None of the parents in these groups started out as a campaigner or ‘anti’ vaxxer as we are so eloquently and negatively called. In fact, all of their daughters were vaccinated with the HPV. None of them were warned of the dangers and now that the worst has happened, they have no support – not from those responsible, not from the trolls and media darlings who attack and ridicule them, and certainly not from their governments. It’s now illegal to claim publicly that ANY vaccination is dangerous, let alone a killer. Equally nasty is the little-known professional stance that doctors and nurses cannot speak openly once they realise the truth.

Did you also know that sexual contact between recently vaccinated individuals can trigger auto immune dysfunction – even cancer? People all over the western world now are developing unnamed disorders while practitioners scramble with steroids and various chemo cocktails in the hope that they will cover it up – and still refuse to see the link.


I write specifically on Gardasil because the package insert reads like a l-o-n-g horror story. Death is mentioned so many times that one could be excused for ignoring it. Well, that is what Merck is doing – in fact, they are listed as ‘unexplained’ deaths – we are talking HEALTHY teenagers!

The package insert for public viewing is smaller than the doctor’s one (that they do not read – ask them…) and the list of side effects for Gardasil is still 7 PAGES LONG.

What side effects are the public told about?

  • pain, swelling, itching, bruising, and redness at the injection site
  • headache
  • fever
  • nausea
  • dizziness
  • vomiting
  • fainting

IF you ask about bad side effects (and you must stress BAD) you may be told about – all euphemisms for serious issues –

  • difficulty breathing
  • wheezing (bronchospasm)
  • hives
  • rash
  • swollen glands (neck, armpit, or groin)
  • joint pain
  • unusual tiredness, weakness, or confusion
  • chills
  • generally feeling unwell
  • leg pain
  • shortness of breath
  • chest pain
  • aching muscles
  • muscle weakness
  • seizure
  • bad stomach ache
  • bleeding or bruising more easily than normal
  • skin infection

(Each of these are known precursors to serious health issues – including fatalities. However, if you report these, you will be reassured they have NOTHING to do with the vaccine – try asking).


What warnings are listed on Gardasil package inserts?

  • GARDASIL has not been demonstrated to provide protection against disease from vaccine HPV types to which a person has previously been exposed through sexual activity.

    Not all vulvar, vaginal, and anal cancers are caused by HPV, and GARDASIL 9 protects only against those vulvar, vaginal, and anal cancers caused by HPV 16, 18, 31, 33, 45, 52, and 58 (in other words, Russian Roulette).

    Vaccination with GARDASIL may not result in protection in all vaccine recipients.

    Safety and effectiveness of GARDASIL 9 have not been assessed in individuals older than 26 years of age. (Yet ‘catch-up’ mandatory vaccinations are not based on age).


So, what are the listed ingredients of the HPV vaccine Gardasil? (Just in case you still believe that all vaccines are diluted germs) –

  • Strains of various HPV (virus strains – different with each one, so you can have repeats of all available and still not be covered).
  • Yeast protein (linked to paralysing auto immune disorders)
  • Sodium chloride (contains aluminium – not labelled)
  • Sodium borate (roach killer, seizures)

  • Polysorbate 80 (carcinogenic, infertility, birth defects, anaphylaxis)

  • L-histidine (metal processing, linked to paralysis)

  • Amorphous aluminum hydroxyphosphate sulfate


So, let’s get to the actual, medical data, scientifically-listed and researched SIDE EFFECTS. You won’t be told these. If you question, you will be told there is NO PROOF. End of story. Yet for me to list them in all their full aspects, this article would run like a thesis – thousands of words, dozens of pages. The following is a summary, based on the most important, and omitting whatever has already been listed above.


What are the KNOWN side effects of Gardasil?

(All adverse reactions have been found in increased incidence and severity in non Anglo races) –

  • Fever and convulsions
  • Headache, nausea, dizziness
  • Fatigue and muscle pain
  • Throat pain and swelling
  • Upper respiratory tract infection
  • Asthma and respiratory arrest
  • Tonsillitis and glandular swellings
  • Leukaemia
  • Septic shock
  • Sudden death
  • Influenza like symptoms
  • Anaemia
  • Lymphadenopathy
  • Ovarian ‘failure’ (infertility)
  • Pulmonary embolus and thrombosis (clots)
  • Arthralgia and myalgia (muscle and bone pain)
  • Pancreatitis
  • Encephalomyelitis (brain bleed/stroke/brain damage)
  • Guillain-Barré Syndrome (paralysis)
  • Motor Neurone Disease (ALS – aka Ice Bucket Challenge…)
  • Transverse myelitis (paralysis/blindness)
  • Genotoxicity (genetic damage)
  • Carcinogenic (??)
  • Genital warts (??)
  • Fœtal deformities
  • Spontaneous abortion and stillbirth
  • No studies showing safety during pregnancy

I didn’t make this up. It’s ALL from the manufacturer’s website and data. As most parents are just too lazy to bother researching, I did it for you – each blue highlighted link has toxicity data according to scientific websites, or in some cases, sites of other concerned individuals.


The pharma-funded government, media, pro-vaccine pushers such as Mia Freedman and Claire Harvey (who are surprisingly happy to pump such poisons into their kids, despite feigning absolute parental concern and care), pseudo science type sites that baffle the average person with science in the hope they will blindly follow and in turn, ignore those of us who spend valuable time trying to help people we will never meet.


If you have read to the end and still believe that a vaccine with this much threat, that is listed on its own package insert as still being able to cause both genital warts and cervical cancer – the very things it is meant to protect your child against, then I have no words. If your child is one of the massive number of children affected, there will not be any compensation, no magic vaccine to fix things and no multi million dollar mansion and pay-packet – unlike the monsters who openly promote its use.


Package inserts for the many different types of HPV vaccine –

  1. Gardasil 9
  2. Gardasil 6, 11, 16, 18
  3. CSL Gardasil 6, 11, 16, 18
  4. Cervarix 16 & 18
  5. Sanofi Pasteur 6, 11, 16, 18

(With the ‘brave’ new world of mandatory vaccines, the sheer variety of HPV is a mere reflection of what is really going on. New and multiple vaccines for not just existing illnesses but newly-invented illnesses. There are hundreds in the works in 2015. This means if the gullible public continue to allow it, you will need a different vaccine every day of your life. How long until ‘vaccine packs’ are taken home? Or ‘vaccine mobile services’ start popping up in your neighbourhood?)










Constipation – today’s ‘normal’?


Recently I came upon what I initially believed to be a really good parenting website – well sorry guys, for mums only apparently –  as many mums offer ‘sound’ advice on all things parenting. Oh, how I wish it were true.

As usual, it was filled with health and advice topics but it wasn’t long before I was gritting my teeth and chomping to start posting. Mothers were actually suggesting that other mothers were wrong in using a healthy diet. To go and discuss diet with doctors, who are untrained in nutrition. I was the 5th alternative health professional to try and comment. You could hear the tumbleweeds. Other mothers who argued that they had raised children using safe and effective natural health methods were attacked.  If I didn’t force myself away I am pretty sure I could be responding for the next year – such is the level of misinformation on health care out there.

Group of sick children in pajamas on the floor
Group of sick children in pyjamas on the floor

As parenting slides down the slippery slope from something natural, to something that now requires constant medical, media and big brother monitoring I have to ask – how did something that should be instinctual, become so tightly bound in fear and manipulation? Kids are actually being abused and tortured in the name of health in 2015. There is now a common procedure within paediatric medicine which involves insertion of a nasogastric tube, administration of strong aperients and minerals, to drag the digestive system clean. It is painful and traumatic. Manual evacuation of impacted faeces is also common. But we can’t mention diet or gentle therapies?


The most basic of issues are now serious medical issues. Drugs are prescribed for even the minor concerns – no one seems aware that those scheduled drugs have side effects. Surgery is seen as some achievement – it’s pretty commonplace nowadays to see a gaggle of excited/tired mums gather and boast of the paediatrician, specialists and latest surgical procedures.


My kids were seen as an oddity while growing up and they each, at different times, came to me asking if I would let them be a ‘normal kid’ – why? “Because all my friends have had operations, needles, are on medications, see specialists or psychiatrists.”


Don’t get me wrong, raising 4 children was no walk in the park, especially for a (mostly) single parent. It’s just that I actively sought the best, most effective, SAFE options every single time extra effort was needed. And aside from an occasional plaster cast, there was ALWAYS an alternative.


So too with digestive disorders. Let’s get back to the basics – in utero, a baby’s body is formed based on a cocktail of DNA, heredity, chemical exposure, diet, stress and medications/supplementation. The digestion is already gearing for assault. If not delivered naturally, the most fundamental process for health is not transferred from mother to child – natural immunity and probiotic formation. If that basic nutrient/chemical is not supplemented after birth, the child is already set for some major health issues. This stems from poor immunity and digestive disorders and affects every aspect of health.


Then, the choice between breast feeding and bottle feeding rears its ugly head. This article is not an exercise in ethics or guilt but the simple fact is, the western world is the only sector where it is a ‘choice’ – and for some mystical reason millions of westerners ‘can’t’ breastfeed. I wonder why we are any different? For me it was not even a question – I would have done anything to make sure I could feed my baby the healthiest way possible – and sadly, in my circle of friends, I was the only one who did. With the middle child, the same thing. And with the twins, while even midwives and doctors went on about my ‘choices’ I didn’t see it. Even when it became obvious that just one side was ‘working’ I still fed both of them up to 12 months. No heroics, it was the best and I took steps to make sure it worked. Herbs, supplements, diet – I made it work.


Why is this so important? Somewhere along the line, vaccines and antibiotics took over where mother’s milk once stood. What naturally builds over time – natural immunity and protection – is now long gone. By the time a child reaches 1 year old, their bowel is no longer making red blood cells* and many food intolerances are ignored.

  • For the record, the true place of RBC manufacture is the large intestine – over time, as damage increases, the spleen and then bones take over – in turn, leeching vital nutrients (calcium, magnesium, silica etc) and causing osteoporotic processes while in childhood. Rather than address this with the simplest method – diet, we have become conditioned to ignore it until it becomes life threatening.


Why do you need to know this information? Well considering health begins in the digestive system, unless we address it from an early age, we are facing chronic ill health. Why is it considered quite okay to just wait to see if we end up with cancer, diabetes, and so on? Why do we now think sickness is a part of old age? It’s not. And yet it is.

We are happy to say we have allergies, yet loathe to do anything about it – yet by simply going alkaline, allergies become a thing of the past. No, we’d rather go and get a medicine that comes with a host of side effects. Worse still, we’d rather go and have a camera invading our bowel just to be told what, that we have a slow digestion?

What food intolerances are precursors or even long term effects of constipation? Has your doctor ever mentioned the importance of body pH? Yet it is THE most vital aspect of health.


Are you intentionally missing certain foods? Why is that? And more importantly, who told you this? Did you know that doctors study an elective 6 hours maximum of nutrition? And that most dietitians learn their advice from industry written books? That means people who have something to sell – wheat, dairy, meat and sugar industry. Did you get your advice from them?

Find out why the intestines of some small children are double the size of an adult’s.


In the full article, see why our eyes are linked to the health of our bowel. And find out why certain bacteria could be the difference between bowel health or your excretory system packing it in altogether. An iridologist can determine if a patient has a constipation issue without even having to use any special iriscope. It is that obvious, as the toxins begin to leech into surrounding organs and circulation. Eventually the kidneys, liver and even reproductive system are badly effected as they attempt to excrete the toxic buildup.


While I don’t recommend constant or excessive use of any aperient/laxative medicines, surely making an organ do its job is better than waiting for something irreversible? There are many foods that help with occasional constipation like prunes, citrus, apricots, even some chewing gums – but each of these is acidic so all they are doing is shocking the body on a temporary basis. The overall aim is to rebalance the body.


What illnesses and symptoms are linked to constipation?

  • Anal fissure (tearing)
  • Hæmorrhoids
  • Diverticulitis
  • Abdominal pain
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Colo-rectal cancer
  • Belching, bloating & flatulence
  • Weightgain
  • Nausea & vomiting
  • Impaction & bowel rupture
  • Enlarged bowel
  • Anæmia
  • Fertility issues
  • Headaches


What issues can be associated or cause constipation?

  • Medication side effects
  • Low natural probiotic reserves
  • Vitamin D deficiency
  • Iron & calcium supplements
  • Analgesia side effects
  • Low water and oil intake
  • Incorrect posture
  • Incorrect toileting posture
  • Pelvic floor dysfunction or injury
  • Hormone imbalance, especially œstrogen dominance
  • Pregnancy
  • Low dietary fibre

For more information on the correct diet, please see my threads on the pH miracle. But what about at-home measures that not only correct elimination regardless of age, but prevent and even reverse chronic health issues?

Probiotics – The human body consists of 90% pathogens and parasites – most of them beneficial. However, once there is an imbalance, the digestive and immune systems decline. Probiotics have many functions and are safe for use during pregnancy, for infants right through to old age. This formula has not just digestive tonics that are safe and gentle, but also a powerful probiotic that will assist in digestion, elimination and immunity – Probioactive – suitable for use in infancy and childhood. If you prefer a drop formula – Jarro-dophilus will better suit you. For older children, these chewable Berry-dophilus will help make it fun. Adult/family probiotics – Power-Dophilus.


Vital oils

  • 1 teaspoon (children) or 1 tablespoon (over 12) of coconut oil daily will not only work as a gentle laxative but release colonic plaque buildup.
  • For chronic issues and to avoid surgery, 1 teaspoon (children) or 1 tablespoon (over 12) of castor oil will relax the bowel and stimulate peristalsis while moving impaction and buildup.


Toileting habits

In many cultures and in history, humans squatted to straighten the lower bowel and evacuate sufficiently. This is especially effective when dealing with weak pelvic floors, those affected by long term medication or constipation, as it alleviates straining. There are many who prefer a squatting toilet, however in the western world most would prefer to sit. In this case you can use a simple small footstool to elevate both feet while on the toilet. This is one of the most simplest but effective measures for those with limited mobility.


Enema – many cultures use this simple at-home method on a regular basis to aid with removal of both parasites and constipation. Soap pellets are a common treatment in many African nations – mixed with herbs, they are an effective alternative to soap enemas still used in hospitals today. Simple saline enemas can be purchased, washed and re-used by using coffee, oil or soapy water. This is especially good for someone who is constipation long term – the impaction can be impossible to shift from top down, so moving things from the bottom up is the way to deal with it safely and effectively. Larger enema kits can be purchased online but the small saline 150ml bottles are more than enough.


Movement – simple movement. In infants, this can mean gentle pushing up and straightening of the legs repeatedly (warning – this must be done gently and was their muscles allow rather than forcing). Once a regular practice by new mothers and taught by child health nurses, it has all but disappeared. In older children, sedentary lives lead into worsening problems in adults. It’s no coincidence that a dog or horse, upon exercise, will evacuate within a relatively short time of exerting themselves. Movement can also include a form of acupressure which needs no professional instruction. Beginning under the rib cage and working down in straight lines, from the centre of the abdomen to just above the pubic bone, repeat to each side, then again further out until you have made four imaginary lines each side of the median – simply by pressing and releasing gently, as if you are massaging. Press and release – move the hands down a centimetre or two, press and release, move the hands down again and continue to repeat. This works in a combination of massaging the bowel contents and correcting imbalances of the digestion.


Constipation does not ‘just’ happen. It is the end result of many things. It is neither normal or part of a healthy lifestyle. As all things lead to digestion and bowel health, it is imperative that it is dealt with swiftly and in an ongoing manner. I have sadly heard of too many deaths from bowel-related health, including 100% unnecessary and unavoidable intestinal ruptures, to not want to write on this subject. Constipation in infants and children is at the highest level ever, despite access to fresh food and water, as is chronic ill health. It is up to every parent to ensure it is dealt with before it becomes a life threatening issue.


.To get an extensive alkaline chart –

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